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Frustrated MTAR-21 wannahave!

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Hi all, so if this has been discussed/answered before - my bad - but I did a search and found nothing.
So, I'm trying to get the MTAR-21 which as a lot of you will know can only be unlocked via assignment. In short, I've done what's required at least 6 times and it won't unlock! The following is how I log in and play BF4 which may well be where the problem lies...
Open Origin
Log in to BF3 using Battlelog
whilst in Battlelog, switch to BF4 (I MUCH prefer the game interface playing this way as, TBH I can't get on with opening BF4 in native form)

Then I select the assignment requirement to get the MTAR-21 so it tracks my accomplishments. I'll not list them, suffice to say I did what was needed and - no unlock.

Yes, I'm rank 140.
Yes, I have China Rising expansion.

really hope someone can answer this as it's doing my head in!


  • V0L47iL3
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    Why don't you log into Bf4 with battlelog? I only use BL, I don't use the new interface. Just bookmark this and log in from here after you sign into origin.
    Not sure if that will solve your problem or not.
  • Ameeba37
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    All the requirements have to be done in the same round or it'll reset
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