Is really games destroying kids today?

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I know alot of people might say no, and I agree with that to. But some parents think it's the game's fault, it's because of the game your kid is not getting good grades, well, you shouldn't bought it the first place. I know people think games are bad, but it's really just an entertainment for us. Parents today dont see our hard work in school and think we are not studying enough when we are playing games. We're just entertaining ourselves. So stop blaming video games!


  • Mejefftheboy
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    Video games are awesome, sometimes they can even teach us stuff, like history and more!
  • HawkeyeAM47
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    Personally, their should always be limits put in place for your kids, video games do help with Muscle memory, and even IQ points/Puzzle solving (depending on the game)
  • HonestSoul333
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    Yes and no. Its the bad parenting thats really to blame. Letting kids play video games and watch youtube all day isn't what id consider a good thing... but its up to the parents to dictate that.
  • Tactical_wizzzeR
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    gaming is time consuming and takes a lot of mental stamina kids can use in things that can build character and knowledge.
    nd I'm saying that as a gamer who is passionate about gaming.
    gaming as a child and gaming as an adult are very different experiences, kids are much more susceptible to creating addicting tendecies when they game too much, and with today's games with their instant gratification drop in and out with all their massive sensory overload, I think the effects on kids growh are damaging in the long term, ad less time socializing and the cancer that is social media and you have a recepie for disaster, a disaster that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.
    for too long psychologists spend time deciding whether or not "violent" games are bad for childrens brains, I'd argue that teen friendly shiny repetitive fast paced and mechanically undemanding games are the real danger.
    more age of empires, less COD, more Morrowind less Fallout 76, more ARMA less Battlefield. but what can we do, it's not just the kids, adults are already hardwired to istant unchallenging stimuly, and we all deep down don't really care, it's a complicated world out there, why would we want to be challenged through our games?
  • YourLocalPlumber
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    I see games as cigarettes or alcohol. They affect people differently. There are some who can drink a lethal dose of mixed alcohol and wake up next morning feeling as if nothing happened, others might drink a glass of wine and feel completely destroyed.

    Also some might develop addiction while others won't. I play Battlefield/CoD and other 18+ rated games since I was 12 (Currently 23) and I turned out alright. I have higher education, a decent job and I'm happy with my life. My parents never really enforced any strict rules on me. Get home, do homework and go to bed at 11pm. Faster finished with homework - faster get to ruin someone's day in BF3.

    But today I see parents letting their kids playing games like CoD as soon as their hands are big enough to hold a console controller, thats where problems come in. Parents are simply stupid and soft. If I failed to obey my rules - my PC gets takes away for the next day with no way to get it. If I was heard swearing or shoting - Same thing, PC gets takes away for 24 hours. Simple yet effective, after 2 or 3 screw ups I've learned the lesson. Today you can simply youtube "Angry CoD kids" and you'll be shocked by how irresponsible parents are when allowing their 10 year olds scream and swear like maniacs.
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