FLAKPANZER IV fire effect is like an artillery explosion!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know if it is bugged or intentionally implanted. I was playing the new playlist, "Bombastic Fantastic" on Panzerstorm Breakthrough. I was in FLAKPANZER IV with specializations "37MM FLAK 43 L89". The primary fire effects were huge explosions (But with same damages)!!!!!! The impact of One-shot from FLAKPANZER IV is like an artillery strike!!!!! But it remains the same damage. It was just crazy. I felt like I was holding artillery flak lol.

Anybody has seen this before? Is this a bug or no?


  • ghos7bear
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    Same with Staghound and Pz38, their primary cannons explode like a napalm bomb BUT you only damage with direct hits. This game makes NO SENSE.
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