Tanks useless

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They need a dmg or armor buff you can't take out ppl with armor and anti tank gadgets are far to common. You know tank weapons are trash when youre better off going for a roadkill 20mm autocannons tickle ppl this game has the worst tanks I've ever seen.
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  • SirSpectacle
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    Agree. tanks are just useless death traps in Firestorm. They need a significant buff to make them worth the effort to acquire and keep supplied with fuel and ammo.
  • Wboson
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    Or tanks are good lures? While 1 guy drives the tank and takes the attention of enemy squad, rest of the team can lurk behind enemy squad and get easy kills enemies holding up their Panzers?
    Have seen a lot, well positioned tanks can supress squad(s) and win.

    The last thing BFV FS needs is to turn into BF1 ver2.5 with everyone camping on a hill with OP tanks and Planes doing 100+kills per game.
    Imho everything is balanced well in the game as it is.
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