Where is RUSH mode??



  • SirSpectacle
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    I'm a little confused as to why it's a problem to have a "temporary game mode." It brings players back and stops staleness from repetitive game modes. The more permanent game modes they have, the more divided the playerbase is. I'm even more confused as to how that announcement that it was temporary was missed. They plastered it everywhere.

    Having another way to play the same maps isn't dividing the player base because all the players have access to this mode. Now if you had dlc which not everyone buys, now your splitting the community. With each dlc create's more servers with spicific dlc which not everyone buys. When everyone has access to the same content, that is not splitting the player base
    The problem is, if 25% of the 25% of the players that enjoy frontlines turn to RUSH, that's still 25% less players playing Frontlines. That's splitting the playerbase, but not in the traditional "behind a paywall" sense.
    And fewer players in each mode means it will be harder to find matches, which means some impatient players will just switch to Conquest where it's always easy to find a match. Now there are even less people playing Frontlines and Rush so it will be even harder to get a match going.
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