start game from browser

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i want to play battlefield 4 from browser how to do that


  • Aguap4nela
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    there is currently issues to launch the game from browswer

    there is a workaround while they fix it

    You must use Internet Explorer (not Edge) to use Battlelog. 2. Next, go into your Battlelog settings and uncheck the box next to "Use plugin-free game launching". 3. Then you will be able to launch any Battlelog game as it is supposed to be launched without the error. 4. You will have to download the Battlelog plugin (the browser will do it automatically but you may have to accept it by clicking yes) before the game will allow you to launch. 5. Chrome will not work since the plugin will not work with Google Chrome. it works pass it on please

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    If you don't use the in-game server browser how are you supposed to see the fancy ad for BF:V? Please buy this inferior game instead of playing BF4, like geez, I bet you don't even have the latest iphone.
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