Should EA/DICE abandon BFV?

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Honestly, I think this game is so far from ever being a good game in so many ways it's just non-salvageable at this point, and it would probably be a better use of time to abandon support for it and move every dev over to BC3 (or whatever it is gonna be) so we stand a chance of actually getting a decent game next time.

Think about it - BFV has so far seriously peeved off the following sub-groups of the community in a bigger way than I have ever seen previously on any BF release  (and will probably never make it up with how much the game would need to be re-designed from the ground up to do so....)
  1. The "historically authentic" BF community (release trailer nonsense, muh wahmen in BF, wokeness etc). Those guys are long gone!
  2. The core FPS BF community (awful core FPS gameplay, terrible visibility, no rental servers, passive gameplay meta, Attrition nonsense etc). Players like myself certainly don't get much out of this game. 
  3. The more casual "immersive war game" crowd (no maps or content, no epic / inspiring atmosphere & audio, lack of general immersive and addictive war feel). Doesn't bother me so much but I see this one as the biggest group of unhappy punters on youtube / reddit etc from comments.
I'd say it's a very small percentage of the potential target demographic of BF that definitely existed before announcement, that actually enjoy this game and play it regularly compared to previous instalments. In trying to please everyone, they've pleased no one, and the Firestorm mode has certainly not brought in a pull of new players EA were hoping for (given it's amount of twitch viewers the hype is pretty non-existent).

So for once I'm thinking they should just break the cycle of rushing games and trying to maintain them through the first 2 years to a point where they are just somewhat acceptable, and then inevitably being on the back foot again for the next game etc. It never makes anyone happy, I'd really just rather wait a bit longer for a decent game and have them give up on this one as a bad job.

Imagine if all the devs moved on to the next game now, it'd be awesome if we got a BC3 game in say 2 or 3 years, that actually released with the same polish and ready for release quality as say, Sekiro just did by From Software... y' know, where it just works and if people ask you to mention bugs from it you actually have to stop and think of some rather than 100 coming to mind all at once like in BFV. 

.....who knows, maybe it's kinda happening already and that's why the support is so non-existent?


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    Don't worry, if EA isn't making money they will abandon it and just leave a skeleton crew to support it. BFV is the first Battlefield game I don't enjoy playing.

    It's like DICE spent years building up the art assets and designing maps, then during the last two months started working on the gameplay. They ended up with some hardcore lite tryhard gameplay with a fast TTK that the netcode couldn't handle.

    Simply not fun. I went back to BF1.

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    Glad to see I'm not the only Battlefield series veteran that does not like this game. Yeah I think they probably should concentrate their efforts on other stuff at this point.
  • Wikstone
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    I allready lost hope with bf, looking other games. WW3 is playable, Hell let loose beta next weekend, 83 idk time schedule.
  • MachoFantast1c0
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    I have nearly 200k infantry kills on BF1, and I was sad to put it down when BFV dropped. I never felt bored, I was always presented with a content rich, versatile gaming experience that with all its faults kept me thrilled, engaged and challenged. After a quarter of that in BFV I'm already bored out of my mind. One mode to play, eight maps with a few bad apples, only a couple of viable load-outs and playstyles. A whole host of annoyances and grievances, poor visibility and abundance of cheese being the worst. I can (mostly) work around the cheese, but I'm starved of content, particularly maps and weapons (what little experience I have with vehicles, they are not fun in the least, BF1 did them way better).
    I don't care an iota for cosmetics or other filler content, so from my perspective their efforts and approach to trickling are completely misplaced. The Company Coin and Armory are nothing short of uninteresting. I've spent at least 400k coin on appearance items and chromed skins on almost all guns, and I have 300k stockpiled with nothing worthwhile to spend them on. Tides of War provides no added incentive to play, I've maxed out the current event some time ago without giving a second thought to assignments or rewards. Actually, I haven't even received the rewards as I mentioned in another thread, but I have zero interest is resolving that issue either. Having a max rank of 50 for six months feels like a deliberate insult to the highly invested part of the community. Not that rank means anything, but the way this matter has been handled speaks volumes about their approach. Firestorm and its meta is a non-starter personally, completely wasted effort from my perspective and perhaps actively harmful to the main multiplayer mechanics and experience.
    Frankly, I'm not expecting for the situation to change in any meaningful way. 5v5 competitive mode will hopefully be a decent breath of fresh air, but I don't foresee it being a main thing of any sorts for me. One map in May will just mean it will be overplayed in a weeks time, and we'll be right back to the current situation. The three or so promised maps in the next six months may not even be full-sized or generic across all modes (like Panzerstorm), so the first year is shaping up to be really lackluster. They speak of quality over quantity, but I'm not seeing (map) quality anywhere. If the Pacific front and Eastern front will consist of two or so maps each, that will be a joke. So as far as I'm concerned, they either need to go all-in and delivery significant map drops a'la BF1's DLCs, or admit failure and fully prioritize the next title.
    And actually, this is not just hot air and venting. As I started online multiplayer with BF1, I decided to see what I missed before that. Two days ago I purchased BF4 Premium for 12 euros, and I have been having a blast. It's hard and challenging fighting Rank 140 Colonels on sweaty af community servers using vanilla weapons with no attachments, but man it feels great and satisfying. Before this I played BFV every day, but after installing BF4 I haven't so far as started it. I will come back to it, but not religiously anymore. The lost opportunity is a shame, as I would have spent any amount of money on proper content in the form of Premium or DLCs, but I will never pay a dime for cosmetics.

  • TheNoobPolice
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    I completely agree mate.

    I will never spend a single penny on skins in games, and have no interest in even unlocking them. I burned all my BF1 skins for xp boosts immediately without exception. I play multiplayer games to better myself against the barometer of other players. Why else would you want to play the mode against other players? The only awards I would ever be interested in, would be ones that actually rate your ability and/or actual progress. I find DICE's attitude towards "awards" to be completely ridiculous when you basically consider they are just participation medals. "Ranks" are a joke so I really don't care one iota if it's level 50 or level 500, and things like "get 500 kills with a weapon" - no matter how long it takes you?'s almost just a barometer of how much of a no-lifer a player is rather than any meaningful indication of ability or progress towards getting better. If, for example, there was a "Sturmgewehr 1-5 Elite" award, for maintaining 30% accuracy and 2 KPM over 1000 kills with the gun, damn right I'd be motivated to play and improve using the weapon because it would be something that not everyone could achieve.

    In this game, all the assignments are meaningless and are things anyone could do regardless of motivation, skill, or application, making the rewards you get also inherently meaningless. It's a brainless cluster of nonsense with people just running around pew-pew'ing and dying and all for absolutely no point whatsoever.

    People are only ever really interested in "the exceptional" in life, the reason that no one watches people play this game is because there is nothing you can do in it that is extraordinary and which is marked by an achievement or reward. Compare this to things like speed-running in the Souls games, where the standard of skill gets pushed up to ridiculous levels and the view counts of those players are massive just to watch what they can do.

    This game is "just meh" in every area and is therefore inherently boring beyond belief.
  • Tactical_wizzzeR
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    the sad thing is, BFV and even Anthem are making money... but making money isn't enough, Triple A publishers aren't even about profit anymore, it's about growth. the projected milestones set for investors. this system with entertainment is insustainable, and it's the cancer that is eating away at developers everywhere. 
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    They are pulling developers from BFV to go back to Battlefront 2. BF2 did bad at release but came back slowly. By this time of BF2's release it was getting better; BFV is still spiraling. It looks like BFV is done for good.
  • Agente_Silva
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  • Mistuo
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    You're so dramatic lol. The game is fun for a lot of people and it has the best gameplay of all Battlefield. People got mad because of the bad woke com that's all. The game is fine and everything is free which is amazing.
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    Mistuo said:
    You're so dramatic lol. The game is fun for a lot of people and it has the best gameplay of all Battlefield. People got mad because of the bad woke com that's all. The game is fine and everything is free which is amazing.
    If it had the best gameplay of all Battlefields it would be a huge success........yet it is the worst game out of all of them in proportion to sales expectations.  "everything free?"  I did not know it had gone FTP,  did you get a free copy?
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