Things that still annoy you 2 years later?



  • von_Campenstein
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    fair point

    I'm still going with my head canon that DICE realized early on there was no salvaging the game BF V was turning into so they went out of their way to wreck BF1 with its last updates. Ilya buff, mortar truck buff, SMG 08/18 and Automatico buff all in one update, Burton in the one after...

    It shows the true nature of the beast, still they boast about the longevity of their titles when it's really not what they want.
  • ashar_saleem121
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    henbaoqian wrote: »
    ashar_saleem121 said:
    Ilya Muromets. That plane takes the fun out of any game it's being used in. Ruins perfectly fun games of operations, or conquest. If BFV did one thing right, it's how they balanced planes versus infantry.

    If I ever see anyone using a 100 star Muromets, I automatically assume, they have zero skill whatsoever. If they could play as infantry, they would play as infantry. Simple as that.

    Sorry buddy, but that means you want YOUR rules vs game rules. You want play infantry and do not take effort to counterattack planes. that's like saying : I like sun and I dont like rain, so I am just gonna hate the rain, instead of taking out the umbrella and go outside.

    The fact is, the Illya Muromets can be countered extremely easily. Contrary to regular attack plane which are fairly sturdy and quick, heavy bomber is glass canon, goes down in 2-3 seconds with proper counterattack measures. One AA truck that moves between 2-3 flags stops Ilya 100 %, period. One decently operated AA-gun blocks 40-50 % map for bomber, 2 x AA operators will effectively block it for good. Doh, even 2-3 burton plays will ruin fun for Ilya operator.  More, even regular support fire now, with its insane range will chase off the bomber, if used by more than 1 player.   However, please accept the fact that most of your team does not use any AA, never heard of AA truck, fighter plane or even simple Burton weapon. They just storm flags like lemmings, 20 guys together, then cry they had been wiped out by one bomber.  I hear regular cryuing every second game, with some guys asking "where is AA on t his map? " If your team has 20 snipers, never uses AA or planes to bring balance vs bomber, please blame yourself.   And the same story is with tanks, horses, elite class, gas granades etc - there is always crying, instead of accepting the fact that all these things can be balanced, avoided, etc. 

    Let me just spend the entire game looking up at the sky while I get shot by everything and everyone around me. I'll try the AA, get sniped out of that immediately.

    Meanwhile this no skill chump, waits in the spawn for an Ilya, flies 20 seconds to one of two places on the entire map where enemies will be concentrated and drops his bombs before he can be shot down, jump out of the plane, die, rinse and repeat. Really skillful gameplay. Doesnt matter if you played him perfectly, he still had enough health to limp to the cap and drop his pants. And if he has a dedicated support repairing, forget about it. You can do 50 - 60 damage by the 1917 before he flies out of range and repairs for another run.

    The fact that you even attempted to defend something that is universally accepted to be cheap, cheese and abhorrent shows me everything I need to know about you as a player.

    Nothing anyone can say will ever erase the fact that the Ilya, Mortar Arty truck are only for the people who want the path of least resistance to easy kills. Sorry
  • Prep768
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    Anyone said being "autobalanced" to the losing team yet? 
  • crimsonbomber
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    Quickmatch being left broken and there still being no way to see the match progress before logging in, loading to that Defeat proclamation, mmm so sweet!

    That’s been the thing that’s annoyed me the most.. I always use the server browser so quick match isn’t a personal issue, but not knowing the progress of the game sucks.. Adding in an alert to the server browser telling you when there’s 200 or fewer tickets left shouldn’t be that hard to do..
  • ChiffonTooth8
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    I wrote a long post in this thread but it seems it hasn't been saved for some reason.  This time I will keep it short.

    Cavalry are way too OP.
  • GerocK-
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    1) Cavalry. Shooting them doesn't make sense, unless you're carrying a rocket gun or bi-podded lmg. 
    2) LMG's only supress snipers when their accuracy is low; basically you get punished when your accuracy is too high, because the sniper will be able to headshot you without supression sway
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