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Plane suggestion to EA

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Excuse the rant but, I've been playing BFV, BF1 & BF4 for as long as I can remember them being released.

I use to love the vehicles in BF games, but lately not so much. I never used planes in BF1 due to the poor spawning system that was implemented, and lately, in BFV I've been trying to level all the planes and enjoy more than just ground infantry gameplay. Except, I absolutely HATE it... the spawn system that is, actually flying is probably my favorite part of BFV. BUT when I'm sitting at the deploy screen waiting for a plane to spawn in for a few minutes at a time, there's a 50% chance the spawn won't show up for me and someone else gets to grab a spawn before it even shows there's one available and this is infuriating that this hasn't been addressed for two whole franchise releases... seriously EA? If ya'll just add a queue system to vehicle spawns, it would make life for me and other actual good pilots so much easier... because I can't tell you how many times the spawn gets taken by some kid who goes on to crash the plane within 30 seconds to only get it again and again, and someone waiting for the spawn doesn't even get to see the icon that its available... I sat through an ENTIRE conquest match trying to get a spawn(spamming plane spawn) and I didn't, while others got to fly, and I did that just to prove a point this **** is broken.   


  • GeorgyRommel
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    Spend an evening playing Fjell as there are plenty of planes and it's relatively easy to level up as not all enemy pilots will be highly skilled. I've found that deploying on foot and then dying quickly  / re-deploying fixes the broken plane spawn icon.
  • kjgregoire
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    Sorry dude. I miss the first come first serve system from bf:v and bf42. My advice is to just go play “War Thunder” it’s free and it’s a lot of fun. Tons and tons of cool unlockablw planes and tanks.

    Sadly these days DICE just doesn’t give af about vehicles. You can tell by how redundant planes have become. Hell I don’t even think twice about tanks, just kill or avoid.
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