[IFG] - InFinityGaming Clan [EU] - Recruiting for BFV [PC]

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**[IFG] InFinityGaming are currently Recruiting**

Looking for an English speaking clan? We are accepting new members over 18.

We are focusing: Breakthrough & lil bit Conquest.

How to become a member of [IFG] InFinityGaming / General rules:

╔►Be Active
╠►Have K/D 2.00+
╠►No cheats = Permanent Ban / Server Ban / Teamspeak 3 Ban
╠►No racism/sexism. There are no warnings for this
╠►While jokes are allowed, Please be mindful on what you say.
╠►No pornography. (There is a border between "Revealing Pictures" & Porn.)
╠►Do not server spam
╠►Respect all members & 🅰🅳🅼🅸🅽's
╚►Be 18+


╔►[IFG] Tag On - Ingame & Ts3
╠►[IFG] Logo picture - 🅰🅳🅼🅸🅽 will Give You
╠►TeamSpeak 3
╚►Speaking English

Our Ts 3 Server: http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/InFinityGamingClan.4npserver.com/
Battlefield 5 Server IP: Coming Soon - [IFG] InFinityGaming

Teamspeak 3 Client: http://http//www.teamspeak.de/en/download/teamspeak-3-64-Bit-client-windows/

About RSP - Rent a Server Program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboaUgRyO_g&t=8s


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