DISCUSSION: Our Anti-Cheat Approach to Battlefield V


  • briarjmoor396
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    Have you guys done any thing because it's getting worse every day by the second it's to the point that they have won
  • GenCuster
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    A new update comes out this week.
    Many speak of modalities removed,
    many speak of added modalities,
    many talk about wrong skins and replaced payment methods
    many talk about new maps,
    many talk about how beautiful the is
    leaf that moves on the rifle ....
    But NO ONE gives us news on the introduction of a functioning anticheat!
    Is there an AC development team?
    Or are they all busy editing little kites in stars?

  • Axlerod1
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    EA is more concerned about how to get players to buy the next game than saving a sunken ship.
    Go order the new star wars game and listen to how EA improved everything and how everything will be better. They promise to get it right this time, again. LOL

    Bottom line is this, they can't improve the anti-cheat system for a 64 player game. The reason is was effective in previous games, BF4 and older was because of admins running those servers. Of course the cheaters who were caught screamed "Badmins" and "Git Gud" and made claims of being a "pro player" cried it was nonetheless very effective.

    Another reason EA won't change, they do not want to perma ban anyone. Give them a 3 day temp ban to learn their lesson if you will. There is no repercussion for cheaters. So why should they stop?

    An effective anti cheat system is only as good as the punishment EA chooses to give out. This anti-cheat system since BF1 has no teeth. Cheat away and you will get caught and get a 3 day temp ban and then you can do it all over again for 3 to 6 months before we catch you again and give you another temp ban.

    Plus ad into the fact the BFV is a $15 game and cheaper, it makes for easy creating of second and third accounts.

    Sorry my friends, until real third party servers come back with admin tools by third party developers, this game was done before launch. 1 month after launch everyone include EA was selling BFV for $30 should have been a huge clue that this game was terribly developed and rushed to get you money. 

    For the folks playing at home want EA to keep all its promises, they finally after 6 months release the free DLC that was promised. 1 map. now all EA promises are fulfilled.

    Enjoy your better player experience. Go buy the next EA game "COMING SOON"!
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