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BFV: A case-study in camping



  • Jezzzeh
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    Jezzzeh said:

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    Jezzzeh said:

     Not that this is a reality sim but it can be done in real life.

    It is not possible. If you lie on your back, scoped in, you can turn to the left and to the right, but you cannot swing around 360 like an owl's neck (with your hips never moving)

    I should probably have been clearer. You are right that physical movement isnt possible but firing on your back would be.

    I spent a year dragging an MG3 around the danish countryside, and fired 1000’s of rounds and I have to say I strongly disagree you could fire it on your back. 

    Firstly, without the bipod (or some other support) you wouldn’t be able to control it. 

    Secondly, your belly would block the bottom case ejecter and jam the weapon.

    My first point obviously doesn’t stop you from actually shooting the weapon and killing clouds and tree tops. But jams would. And I really can’t think of a worse postion to fix jams on an MG3 than on your back with the weapon on your belly. 

    Just my 2 cents on the matter.

    Fair enough spoken from someone who knows. It seemed like a thing that could be possible.

    Either way I dont think firing on back should be a thing we can do in game.

  • Astr0damus
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    If there were no kill-cam (like people advocate for--such as hardcore modes) you would never find this guy laying on his back and rotating 360 degrees)
  • DJTN1
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    Not a big MMG player but IIRC, the bipod has a super limited engagement when rotating.
  • Matty101yttam
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    Keep in mind proning is not the same as camping, i often mmg and i do it while moving between objectives.
    The second you suspect that there might be an engagement you have to be ready and set up, so a lot of people may just be assuming that you've been there the whole time while you may have been there for only a few seconds.
    You also remain there for a bit after a kill because there is ALWAYS 1 more, even without the mmg i can't count the amount of times i've watched enemy run past and i jump out to back rage them only to be shot by the 1 more guy.
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