The Last Tiger and Tirailleur, and how it felt

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So this has been something that has been nagging at me for a bit but never thought to write it out.

Im sure we all agree that the campaigns in BFV are WAAAAY to short for us to ever feel really invested, and only the best written on (Tirailleur and Last Tiger) actually are strong enough to make us feel anything.
That said, I truely feel that they would have been alot more powerfull if they had gone on for longer.

In Tirailleur we are supposed to be  a man bonded with his co-patriots through their blight and origin, and try our hardest to preserve their lives because they are our freinds, but save for 1 person, we dont really get to know ANYONE else. Its essentially 'please care about these people because we told you to' and thats a shame, as the French Colonial troops have so much to offer in this setting IRL.

The same issue appears in Last Tiger, but not about freinds, but about hope.
We are supposed to be this hardly pressed Tiger ace crew who is desperatly trying to defend and then escape, but since its so short, we dont get that feeling of 'OMG I REALLY NEED TO GET THERE!'. Instead it just feels like yet another objective to move the cutscene along. A longer campaign means we could have learned more about the crew and WHY we want to get over the bridge so fast, and the depth of the final betrayal.

Personally, I feel we should have had more time with these campaigns as they simply where the most engaging and most interesting, and have so much potential to show the human aspect of the conflict, as well as portray the feelings of the time. How amazing would it have been to play the Last Tiger while they where in North Africa? When they had their hay day? If all you see of a person is their downfall, then how are you supposed to appreciate said downfall?


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    i'll let you know when i start the campaign lol
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    Tullzter said:
    i'll let you know when i start the campaign lol

    lol sure man at your own pace xD
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    I feel that I can agree that the Last Tiger and Tirailleur were the best of BFV's campaign. 

    I liked Tirailleur because it was more action focused and for me felt like a more traditional "soldier story" because it focused on the exploits of not just one or two people (though it mostly focuses on the two brothers) but of a whole unit as they overcome their adversity. However, the way they portray how these soldiers were regarded by their European counterparts is not entirely accurate. The game portrays that Colonial troops had to "prove" they were good enough to fight but the French Army had been using Colonial troops since before WW1 so their was no issue in that regard. Of course they faced all manner of discrimination and racism, but unlike say the U.S Army they were not segregated from the white soldiers.

    And while they did have their role in the war downplayed and as the game points out, denied pensions and the citizenship they were promised, they were not literally removed from photos to cover up their actions (though this might be a reference to the removal of Colonial troops from the front almost as soon as they decided they didn't need them anymore when France was liberated.)

    I feel that perhaps a stronger narrative could have been made had they set the story not after Operation Dragoon but during the Fall of France and have the characters be part of the French rearguard action to hold back the German advance during the Dunkirk evacuation. It could portray them as part of a mixed unit of black and white French soldiers, fighting alongside each other as equals until the inevitable surrender, whereupon the white soldiers are taken away as POW's but the Colonial troops are marched away and executed, as did happen several times during the fall of France.

    For the Last Tiger, I give the developers credit for actually having the guts to have a Warstory from a German perspective, hence why it got so much attention pre-release, but the complete refusal to have virtually any references to **** does dampen the impact it could have had. The story even includes a quote from **** but they don't attribute it to him, like merely mentioning his name will somehow be misconstrued as an endorsement.

    As you said, showing the crew of Tiger 237 during the North African campaign before the tide has fully turned against the Axis, showing when Peter still believed in victory, even showing how and when he received his Knights Cross, would add a lot more weight to then showing when Germany is on the brink of defeat and Peter has become disillusioned and in the final scene tears it off in disgust. Doing so should not just be him resigning himself to defeat, but renouncing the regime that he had been fighting for.

    On a side not, though they never named the German city you are fighting in, I presume it to be Cologne as the Cathedral where the last battle takes places bears a resemblance to the one in real life. I presumed that you would come up against M-26 Pershing Heavy Tanks in a more "boss battle" scenario rather than just another mass wave of Shermans. Doing so could also be something of a nod to a famous duel which took place during the Battle of Cologne where a M-26 Pershing and Panther tank went head to head, resulting in the Pershing winning.

    Anyway its nice to see some discussion about the single player for a change.         
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    I feel that I can agree that the Last Tiger and Tirailleur were the best of BFV's campaign.... 

    I agree, the Pershing duel would have been interesting, and playing through how he got his Knights Cross would have been a compelling story. As for the quote by Adolf ****, as your post's mention was censored (or did you do that?) so will mine, I think that is in order to not worry about the censorship laws in countries like Germany which can delay a games release as the censor board goes over it to see WHY he was mentioned. I think that was mostly a business decision.

    I too would love to see a campaign about the rearguard action during some of the Allies' less optimal days. Most games at most show you Pearl Harbour as the only over arching defeat, and doing one about Dunkirk would be great. Mostly because despite the movie Dunkirk being VERY good, it still missed out on ALOT things, including colonial troops and Belgian troops that essentially died for those Brits to get away, but are not even mentioned in the movie itself. I know they cant tell EVERY story in the space of 1 hour and 46 minutes, and it was supposed to be in the POV of a few select people, but still. 

    Also Yeah America was a very poor pupil of equality during the war, even needing instructional videos for Americans going to Europe to tell them that a Black person in a cafe or bar with white people was normal. As for European powers, sure colonial troops where often LEAD by white men, but I dont think they where as segregated as non-white regiments of the US army, and I think most African Americans were even regulated to non-combat roles because of the beliefs at the time. But I digress, and i dont want to be flagged as inflammatory xD

    Back to the topic though, seeing as they cant go back in time to change the single player, maybe one day they could release something along the lines of 'Chapter 2's of the current ones, or rather just for those 2, where it shows things done before or after the events where applicable.
    And with the US and Japan on the horizon, im very much hoping for a glorious Japanese into China campaign or Philippines campaign followed by a die hard desperation end at Iwo Jima. Coupled with a great Battle of Midway for the Americans coupled with the devestating Philippines campaign, so we have a bit of everything. 

    Or better yet, with the current British assets, the Dutch and British regroup in Timor and the guerrilla war that ensued. That would really allow BFV to not only be forward by portraying little celebrated battles, but also give a fresh bit of air to the usual 'grrrr Murica land on beach kill and win all the islands' we have played time and time again in BF and CoD World at War
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