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Short patch feedback: DX12, Hitreg & AP-Mines

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Hi guys!

I want to discuss with you the latest patch and what I noticed after playing some hours.

I used to play on DX12 (FFR always off) in the beginning of BFV, I had 0 problems, even on big servers (64) no matter the game mode. After ~3-4 months and several patches, the game becomes unplayable for me on DX12, it felt sluggish and laggy... Totally unresponsive.
So I switched to DX11 (until Thursday) and had a great gaming experience, except for big servers. I always had to play Domination and later Troup Conquest, bigger game modes felt like I was playing on a cheap smartphone. DX12, whenever I tried it, lead to heavy micro stuttering and very high input lag which was absolutely unplayable for me, even though my FPS were significantly higher.
Since the new patch, I was very very confused because I suddenly had the same 'old' problem with DX11! So before finally uninstalling the game, I switched to DX12 - just to test it.
And now, I sticked to it. More FPS, responsive gameplay and no noticeably input lag / micro stuttering!
So if you have the same problem, give the new DirectX a try!

Horrible! After the last patch, I feel like the first ~10 bullets are just popcorn which I throw at the enemies. My ping is low (15-20) and my aim is still decent ( I hope, at least I'm getting called out as aimbotter every single day, multiple times).
The only way to play "normal" again, is to use the hated fast-firing weapons like Suomi, Tommy, SF, FG42,...
Otherwise, those almost vanishing first bullets give my opponents enough time to see me, aim at me and shoot their PIAT/Suomi/*insert other noobish weapons here* - which is totally frustrating.
I really hope for a hotfix by DICE asap, it's not really fun to play this way.

Totally worthless now. And I can't really understand why they need to be nerfed. I mean most of us know the usual spots where they're placed, before rushing in I always had an eye on the ground and deleted them (like almost every player I personally know).
Now, they feel like a waste of gadget slot if you take them with you, everyone can easily lay down to avoid any damage, two of them make most of the time in the best case just 99 damage. So they are now just a kind "alert" behind campers.
Oh, and they disappear if you die. Ok, admitted, that might be a good idea. But, if the AP-Mines disappear, then every other gadget should do the same (except of spawn beacon)!

Just my thoughts, let the discussion / experiences begin!


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    // can't correct the spelling / grammar mistakes right now, smartphone, you know...
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    It gets worse by the patch. The hitreq has been on and off and now it just feels awful, the performance overall is worse then ever. I hope this game never gets fixed and fails to attract more consumers until they learn to fix this game.
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