How To Rescue Battlefield V?



  • SgtStav
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    Wtf just watching the last westie video,,,, keeps calling out sewere bugs, but newer says what they are.

    Just like most youtubers , one post some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the rest follows.
    Sure its some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and hickups but lol
  • Cerben1
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    bug fixing, hit reg.

    dont always go after what the loud you tubers think is the best for all.  Devs  play the game your self and experience the bugs and current state of the game on the servers not whit a pre made team.  half the teams are playing snipers and its a camp fest as there is no way to pass all those hill campers. and the problem is not that all play recon/snipers its that the game has an so high phase that the average player cant keep up whit pore hit reg and instant death around corners and now we have shutter problems and random ping.

    Battle reports not showing. and other game braking bugs.

    One class that needs a balance is Assault as it has the strongest weapons all over semi autos. that kill of all on range full autos whit almost no skill needed to spray down any one from close to mid range.  instant deploy of ADS fastest reload and can take more dmg then any other class.

    medic pore smgs all is low rof or smal mag. medium range the new carbines was nice but still they are more for staying still and shoot so its camp to get any use of them and whit unlimited heals its not so easy to do any thing about. all new smgs are just the same as the old ones

    recon semi autos that are worse then Assault ( give the same dmg and rof as assault and more ammo all will be better for all) bolt action half the recon players dont even use them as they are to hard to master bullet drop is to high bullet speed to low. dmg wise they are in a good spot. they need an new weapon for close to meduim range that is not an semi or bolt action they need an full auto one smg or Ak and not an small mag that is not use full due to low dmg and  pore for close combat. 

    support LMG slow rof worse the all of the Assaults weapons in any range. even medics are better whit smg in close to medium range if you dont use an bipod and camp. weapons made for full auto and bursts but have more recoil the any Assault rifle. shoot-guns drilling m30 is broken agen as you cant fire the alt bullet whit out reloading. other ones are to weak still needs less spreed. 
    mmg every ones favorit to call op. slow to deploy and fire even when deployed on bipod its not working as an mmg. hippfire is slower then any Assault gun 2 times the time to get a round of whit faster Ads the assault have time to ads faster the the mmg fire from the hip good balance. base sight is not use full as its covering more of the sight line then helping. most use AA sight to fast to overheat even whit spec for chrome lining. only way to use it is ambush and then we get whines about its op as ppl whit almost no awareness in game die as they run in to the narrow field we can fire it whit out the bipod starts to bug out and we get an kill.  3 grenades that 2 of them are lets say not so good sticky one is lets say useless as its dmg to light ground vehicles is just to low. to inf it dont  stick and do so low dmg its a firecracker. the impact grenade are  not even good fo killing one whit as its weak and just pore for the support roll switch it for an common frag one pl. incendiary is the only one i use the new aoe is to big i think. 

    so fix for the fast phase game that most of the player base cant handle.  More  recoil on all weapons in the Assault class and faster deploy on bipod all over the classes. More points for capping flags and doing the objective support rolls need to get more points as well so team-play is rewarding. Add smoke 1-2  grenades to all classes that can be resupplied by support ammo box. whit out taking way there  offensive  grenades. as this will help whit movement and make it harder for campers as its more campers of all classes then any thing now. better cower to and in flag zones to make it less sniper friendly.  make recon spot whit there rifle scopes as switching to an gadget is not working in game. make  opponents that are hit whit fire from any weapon using bullets spotted for the group or even team if there is still problem whit visibility. (next step for mr Magoo is bicycle flag on all opponents some well known you tubers cold use them so they dont die to prone camping mmg users. instead of taking ther time and look around they make an video on there pore awareness and split vision in game)

    ty form an player that have been playing Sins battlefield 1942 and forward 
  • Soulbreeze
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    It's probably telling that on any given night, i might have 2 or 3 other clan members to play 5 with. The other 7 or so are playing BF1 still. And there are another 4-5 that didn't even buy into 1 and still play 4 every weekend.
  • Pillownaut
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    trip1ex said:
    I gave up.  I play other games instead.   That's how I fixed it.  I ultimately didn't buy it.  I bought every past BF game ever except a spinoff or two.   I have played BFV a bit here and there through other means.  I played a handful of rounds a week ago even.  But the love is gone. 

    Same. Except I bought it after they applied the (now reverted) TTK changes. I actually thought they had seen the light ... 
  • B0ng0_Banger
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    Invent a time machine.
  • Lahoo_Eckbert
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    My list : 

     * More god damn content. We should have had at least 6-10 maps by now or close to it.
     * We need custom servers with decent map rotations or at least get to vote on next map.
     * Better netcode/hit detection, in otherwords we need better servers. 
     * Performance improvements, starting with frame spikes/stutter. Even If I have 120-144fps on paper, game feels jittery and not fluid. I used to play BF 1 around 80 fps(still on a 144hz screen) and everything felt alot smoother. Definiltey something wrong with the game, or it has an incompatibility with certain hardware and software(assuming not everyone is effected by performance issues).
     * Fix TTD/TTK. Sometimes an automatic rifle(whether it is smg, assasult rifle or LMG) can spray me from 50-80 meter range and kill me under a second. I'm pretty sure it is tied to servers/netcode too.
     * Make weapon skin unlock assignments less tedious.
     * Award more company coins and make some of the epic stuff buyable via them. The cash grab mentality disgusts me considering BF is not a free to play game. 

  • Killerplautze5XL
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    For me it would take a lot before in order to give it another chance:

    • better and more predictable movement (people should not be able to change direction at full speed on a dime, also the ADAD-spam is infuriating)
    • better class and gun balance in general
    • removal of attrition (being able to heal up instantly again just panalizes using slow-firing guns, so often even two follow-up shots with a bolt-action rifle are not even lethal) 
    • better sounds (footsteps rarely work unfortunately)
    • spread should return in order to punish dumping magazines 
    • return to Battlefield 1 TTK/TTD which was perfect (talking about the Battlefield 1 TTK 2.0)
    • bring back spotting since it was the only team play element in the game that worked halway decently
    • abolish the 3x scope supremacy
    • bug fixes (invisible players, sound glitches, flawed hit-registration, etc.)
    • addition of actual content through the ToW instead of bloody cosmetics that do not add any value

    Well those are the points that just came in my mind when writing however it might totally be possible that I forgot about some other points. 

  • xXHamatoYoshiXx
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    After reading your comment posted above in regards to the comment made by DingoKllr, the only part of your statement that is agreeable is the fact that with a live service should come live communication on these channels and to the community. The rest, clearly seems damage control. Let me ask, do you work for DICE or something? lol
    Lol because my comment has outlined the facts and u just look like a sook?

    I think DICE have made Grace errors. However instead of bleeding about it, if you look at the history of my comments you would see I try to be constructive and not a troll.
    I'm not going to sit here and go through your comment history to try and prove YOUR CLAIM. Half of your comment in regards to DingoKllr, talks about yourself, the other paragraph is an assumption on whether or not DICE LA is bringing in more people on their team. I look like a sook? Do you even read your own comments? I'm not the one coming off all high and mighty with condescending remarks about "And who are you?"...You only further prove my point about you making a more nonsensical statement..."grace errors"? lol are you kidding me? lol seriously guy do you work for DICE? It really sounds like you're an intern or something that has been assigned the task of damage control here on these forums...At this point there is no logical reason to have any kind of debate with you. Besides, The votes on my comments and the lack of votes on yours should speak for themselves. How about that for facts?
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