Game balance is becoming a tasteless joke

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One team dominating the other is become a norm.
I counted how often it happened in the last 20 games I played.
In 20 breakthrough games, it happened 16 times ...yes, 16!!!!
The attacking team could not pass the first sector.

It was not as bad before, but is sure is becoming a common experience.
Not sure if dice changed how team balance happens or what ..but this needs to be looked into A.S.A.P.


  • BaronVonGoon
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    It's why I don't touch breakthrough. It's badly designed. Stomps happen in conquest but not as frequently.
  • Getier
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    The main reason I don't play bf5 anymore. went back to bf1 and had more close games in a week as with bf5 in 8 month.
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