Only in one hour of playing...

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So i took about 2 full months off of BF5 only cause it was boring and nothing really new came out since taking off. I decided Saturday to come back and see how the game was, also the new rifle interested me a little. So while playing on Hannut the first match i was flying a mosquito and shot the 6 pdr at a BF-109  which was an instant kill then all of the sudden boom the game blacked out and an error thing came up on the PS4 main screen. Filled out what happened then went back to playing thinking it was some freak thing. Then on the second game on Twisted Steel as i kept killing people i noticed the delay and screen lag everyone's talking about (which is annoying as hell)..... Anyways i got enough points to call in a V1 and when it landed on the b flag it did the same thing and crashed. ....................At this point like anyone would i was getting P.O'd at the game and knew i stayed away for a reason, but i gave it another shot. Third time right before my team was going to win the match on Arras and the other team's v1 landed at b when i was capping it and again blacked out went back to an error screen and controller was thrown. Just like the title say's all in under an hour of playing. 

Has this happened to anyone else??? 

Dice fix this crap please.. also you owe me a new controller! 


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