Play nice; play fair (Cheaters still playing after months of reports)

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I would really like to know if anyone has ever had a response from a member of Dice's staff on cheaters?

I have read the OUR ANTI-CHEAT APPROACH IN BATTLEFIELD V document, but this really doesn’t explain why blatant cheaters are still playing 6 months after being caught red handed.

I have seen so many players cheating lately and nothing ever seems to happen about it.

Does’ Fair Fight really work??

This isn’t me just being salty it’s just a fact.

I will admit that often when I think a player is cheating, they probably aren’t.

I only expend energy looking into players that are totally obvious to me as being a suspected cheater, then I may call them out on it in chat. This is usually when I get my first clue as to how they respond. Most of the time I will get abuse from said suspect and that often acknowledges my suspicions and gets me to dig a little deeper and spectate them in the server. (Old server admins habit I’m afraid) Shame there are no dedicated servers to play on, that would sort a lot of the problems for me as that’s where I would play.

There are videos on youtube of people cheating from shortly after release that are still actively playing (opp’s sorry slip of the tongue) cheating still today (I’m not saying video evidence is 100% accurate but It’s a good starting point that and player stats)

Is this a resources issue or a anti cheat issue or do they just not care that much?

Why can't we name and shame them? I'm completely okay with them being shamed (and worse) personally. If they aren't cheaters, then I can completely understand. Some of these videos are really obvious though. I know sometimes pro stuff looks sketchy but some of these videos show things that are truly unbelievable like snapping to people who can't be seen, snapping back in forth between two nearby targets without any reason to change targets, 180-degree snaps, etc.

Surely you should be naming these people as a deterrent to others that don’t want a bad reputation.

Also, this would ensure that genuine players are seeing that something is being done about it.

Or there could be a follow up on players that have been reported by you through origin?  There could be a reply from Dice to say, after investigation we have established that Joe Bloggs was exploiting, Hacking, Cheating and has now been Banned from Battlefield, at least then you would feel like there is something being done about it.

I know that no game is cheater free but there has to be a better way forward!

One thing I would love to see is the major production houses (EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Valve, Naughty Dog, Sega, Microsoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Activison) to name a few. Getting together and issuing a little badge on players that have been caught cheating on their platform in any game! that marker then stays with that person for 5 years no matter where or what they play (call it a badge of dishonour) doesn’t mater what they call themselves it wouldn’t be removable from their account until they have gone 5 years clean.

Just some thoughts what do you guys think?


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    It's baffling. You have Respawn studio dealing with Apex cheaters by matchmaking them into the same server together. Then you have DICE studio who's trying to handle the cheating situation completely on their own with no outside help from anti-cheat companies.

    I guess Apex Legends makes EA more revenue than Battlefield, so EA is willing to invest more money to combat cheaters in that game?

    Apex Legends is dealing with cheaters by matching them together

    I love the idea of matchmaking cheaters into the same server together instead of banning them. Loool

    Can't wait for PlayStation 5 to come out. It has mouse support and can run games at 120fps. I'll be making the switch from PC. I've experienced too much cheating on PC.
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    I can confirm that there are still many blatant cheaters out there.
    But also, I can personally confirm that players start raging in chat calling me or my clan cheaters every day. Almost, in every match.
    I think they don't realize the impact of spotting, communicating via Discord and pure experience. Honestly, I can't remember ONE day, where I wasn't called a cheater / Hacker / aimbotter (even though my K/D is just 3.5).

    Lately, many players start even to spectate me, pretend in chat that they now finally have my Aimbot and wallhack on video recorded and send it to DICE and EA.
    It's funny most of the time, but lately it just gets annoying.

    So I think people should really ask themselves why they get killed, why I know they're laying in a dark corner since ages and then headshot them. Instead they instantly rage and blame me for everything. Not knowing that I hear much, get many Infos from my mates and also spend a lot of time in Aim practice every week.

    It might be a bit off topic, but I had to let it out here.
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    Another cheat thread,  Another lock as has been discussed on many occasions now.
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