Graphics downgrade justified?



  • Christo04002283
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    Substantial downgrade of textures,lightening,sun glare,trees,pixels count,overall graphics since last 2 patch ...why? Minor changes are acceptable but why such a big downgrade? Most of maps feel rubbish now..
    What do others think? I am on base ps4

    Your right I just noticed this, the graphics in battlefield 5 look worse than battlefield 1. They definitely downgraded the graphics.
  • SecondAmendmnt
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    edited September 2019
    A major problem with DICE is that they waste their time tweaking stuff that doesn’t matter, while ignoring real issues like the broken looting in Firestorm, etc. Will these clowns ever fix themselves?
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    The games Junk. After playing red Dead I think Rockstar games needs to start getting involved into making first person shooter games they just need to up the first-person shooter and get more personal with the gun movements in mechanics but the graphics on that thing spot-on perfect. I've been seeing all these graphic problems in this game since it first come out. Every time you look down the scope the trees coming clear at a distance they look like something off of Minecraft.
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