Things I Hope EA and Dice will do with BFV in 2020

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BFV, is...well...a game that needs work. And I mean a lot of work. The introduction of the Pacific Theater of War was a great addition to the game, and I think it was a step into the right direction. With another entire year for EA and Dice to work in, what could they possibly do to spice things up a bit.

General Needs
BFV needs various tweaks and other fine tuning done to the mechanics to optimize full experience for its players. For example, the most popular thing the community wants, is for EA and Dice to revert the 5.2 update's TTK. Obviously, the reversion will improve the game tremendously and it may draw players back who abandoned BFV when the patch first released. Personally, I have evolved with the new gameplay, (and don't hate me for this lol) and because of it, I see no problem with the TTK. Now I would kill to have the old TTK back, but I wouldn't really care. There are various other problems with the game such and the assignments and that you have to go back to main menu to get the unlocked item, but I will not cover them as they are widely known. And also...EA AND DICE FIX THE NET-CODE!!!!!!!!!

U.S. and Japanese Factions, and Cosmetic Problems
With the introduction of Chapter 5, we were given two now factions, the United States of America, and the Imperial Japanese Empire. I have stacked my American soldiers with the coolest cosmetics and I am very pleased with them. However I noticed something that bugged me tremendously. With the character models, you only have 3 male and 3 female heads for the U.S. and Japanese factions. Now, I am somewhat historically accurate with my troops, so I have my character models set to the males. But since there are only 3 male character models, two troops in my company are the exact same. This was something that ticked me off right from the start. At least take some character models from the U.K. and Germany factions and add them to the U.S.  
and Japan Factions. CAN YOU DO AT LEAST THAT?! 

Medics Becoming Too OP
Medic guns have always been OP in BFV, but with the introduction of Chapter 5, we ere introduced to the Type 100 SMG. The gun is good, not gonna lie, but it is way too OP. As you all know, it seems as if 99.99% of the time you get killed in BFV, you killer is using the Type 100. I HATE THE TYPE 100!!! And with the latest weekly challenge, you can now unlock the Nambu Type A2. When I saw the damage stats and seeing various Youtubers wrecking people with it, I thought of that meme from GTA where CJ says "Aw **** here we go again." I was late to completing the Assault class Mastery challenges, and you have now idea how many times I got killed on kill nine in Mastery III with that damn thing.  IT WAS UNBEARABLE. Luckily I got the challenges done, and now I finally have the Silver Dagger and Scottish Play sets. I personally think that they keep adding OP medic guns so more people will use the medic class. Since everyone will use the medic class, then revives will become more common. aNd It WiLl BuIlD tEaMwOrK!!!!!! SMH   :/

Battle-pickups in Base Game Maps
In Chapter 5, we were given battle-pickups. These pickups include a katana and a flamethrower (both very fun to use). But I was wondering if any were going to be added to the Base Game maps, and maps from chapter 1-4. Now the Flame Thrower would be fine if were added to the non pacific maps, but the katana wouldn't make sense. I'm sure that as more chapters are released, more pickups will be added. Personally, I think some cool ideas for some pickups would be the Panzershrek Rocket Launcher, or maybe some mortars. Idk really know what they could add, so give me some of your ideas in the comments.

Melee Animations
As you all know, BFV's melee animations were carried over from BF1, with the player on their back animations as some exceptions. I don't think that the animations fit BFV fro some reason, but I cannot my finger on it why. It just seems...weird I guess. Maybe it is because I am so used to them being in BF1? Idk. I also think that with the melee animations when an enemy on their back are weird too. Now, I love those animations and they are very cool. But why are you using your hands when you have a melee weapon. If they had fists as melee weapons, then sure, yeah, these animations would make sense. They are also triggered when you bayonet charge an enemy on their back. I really don't like that aspect of the melee system. When 
I played BFV's beta, I thought that the BF1 animations were temporary stand-ins, but I was wrong. EA AND DICE PLZ ADD NEW ANIMATIONS!!!!

D-Day Grand Operation?
I am praying that BFV will introduce Operation Overlord as a Grand Operation. It would be similar to existing Operations in the current state of BFV, but it would be very cool. Imagine on day 1 you drop in with American paratroopers and attempt to eliminate German Artillery Guns. Then on Day 2 you are part of the French Resistance and you attempt to destroy German supplies and Reinforcements. And on the final day, you take part in the full D-Day Beach Landings. It is up for debate when landing site should be the final day, either Omaha or Point du Hoc. 

The Battle of Berlin Grand Operation?
In the final chapter of BFV, I think it would be cool to close the European Theater with the Battle of Berlin. It would be similar to the Rotterdam map, where it would be urban combat with destroyed buildings. I'm not too sure how the Day system for Grand Ops would play out with this map, but it would be Russians pushing back German forces to the Reichstag building. A cutscene would play depicting the Russians planting the Soviet flag on top of the building then the Soviet National Anthem would play. Similar to the end of Call of Duty World at War. Lol

More North Africa Maps?
In BFV, we have 3 maps that take place in North Africa, Hamada, Aerodrome, and Al Sundan. But I think it would be cool if they added maps where they would mostly be tank-based. In North Africa there was tank warfare against the U.S. and Germany's Edward Rommel's fleets of tanks. I think it would be cool if they added game modes where it was basically TDM except with only tanks.   
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    Plz give share some ideas for new features in BFV. 
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    Wait a you don't hope for the net-code to get fixed before everything else? Hmm...Ok.
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    Close it down and release a new one.
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    Wait a you don't hope for the net-code to get fixed before everything else? Hmm...Ok.
    No, I still think that the Net-code is rubbish and needs to be fixed, but above I wanted to state what I wanted as new maps and features. This post was basically what i wanted in future updates and chapters. However the Net-code is one of my biggest problems with the game, but as since everyone knows about it already, I didn't want to repeat what every says about BFV. I wanted to share my personal ideas. For the heck of it, I edited my post and added in the net code issue, should had done it before. 
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