Battlefield V Weekly Debrief - January 10, 2020



  • Carbonic
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    So when is switching teams a thing and what about auto team-balance? These are incredibly easy to implement, get on it already!
    I certainly wouldn't assume something is easy if I've never done it, so I wouldn't have the audacity to say "something is easy" regarding game development since I have never developed a game (I'm not a coder, programmer, QA, etc.) 

    I would assume that this specific task is easy because they have done it already (for team switch several times), it's not like they are reinventing the wheel. And those functionalities would improve the quality of the game more than any weapon balance patch ever could, being put on the opposite team of my friends is bad, not being able to switch is awful.
    While I'm sure some code could be reused it's probably not as easy as you think. It's not a word document where you can convert if between different filetypes easily. It's a different game, newer version game engine, the whole backend infrastructure, and server setup could be new. The frameworks these are built on could be new or different.
    How easy it is adding new features to BFV (including features that have been there in previous games) all depends on how much planning, time and development eventually went into making the BFV codebase easy to work with for scenarios such as this.

    That being said I would love some proper team balancing. I experience often that when servers die it's due to uneven teams (often caused by one team trampling the other).
  • Celsi_GER
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    Yes, you are right. When you join a server, you usually (~75%) join the losing team, because that is where players leave and make space for you. And usually that's it for the rest of the gaming evening. You are stuck in a weak team round after round until you quit and look for another server. Where the same happens again.
    I would be happy if this vicious circle (hope this is the correct term) could be broken by same scrambeling after round's end. It would make the game better. Not perfect at all, but better.
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