Procedural Vehicle Destruction

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Something the Battlefield franchise has always been known for is its destruction. Particularly with things like building destruction and levelution events that changes the state of the entire playing field. Vehicles on the other hand have always been relatively fixed in nature, stiff and rigid in terms of effect with three states ranging from functional, disabled and destroyed; of course the remnants of a destroyed vehicle will simply disintegrate to reduce the buildup of debris and therefore strain on the server.

To put it simply, I want to see tracks busting off of tanks, tires flying off from vehicles, helicopters smashing into the ground and debris from that crash flying off into the surrounding perimeter! Glass and shrapnel blasting outward in a titillatingly hazardous fashion! I want to see planes falling from the sky, breaking apart and skidding across the ground! I want to see helicopters spinning through trails of smoke and fury, I want to watch them slam into buildings and have the whole damn structure come down!

Battlefield used to own this mechanic and present it with desirability. It was one of the things that made Battlefield such a phenomenal game and it was difficult to find this anywhere else. With the advancements in hardware and even console configurations, where are these detriments of war? I want to be blown away in a way that makes going out look ¯\_(ツ)_/¯! I don't want the multiplayer experience to feel dull and uninspired where the only thing you're focused on is your kill count, your kill count shouldn't be the primary dictator to tell you that you're having a good time, it feels conflicting for a game to use anything other than a select few number of armaments because anything else will prove ineffective on the playing field .. I want to be blown away and reap the destructive spoils of the Battlefield! It's an unforgettable experience, even if you're not particularly skilled yourself just because of how exciting it can be. How can you be angry if a helicopter slams into your building and you go out in a fury of flame? Nobody wants a spongefield, it doesn't make the game "fun". Stop looking at the data and please review the core values that made Battlefield such a wonderful franchise.. where's my Battlefield gone?

Am I getting through to anyone here?


  • CT1924
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    Netcode cannot handle it right now, unfortunately. But I wish destroyed vehicles became destructable terrain.
  • Imadis64
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    'He Blowed up Real Good'

  • jroggs
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    That all sounds nice, but today I got KIA'd multiple times by a glitch that instantly ragdolls you when you walk near an Outpost tower. I'm not sure a Michael Bay-esque plane crash nearby would have improved that experience.

    Let's start with a game that functions properly first, and then go from there.
  • FatherDed
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    I remember pretty much this exact same discussion - but in respect of building destruction - going on on the old PlanetBattlefield forums when BF2 was out. A lot of people said oh no they could never do that. 3 years later DICE managed it in Bad Company.

    Would be great to have vehicles that had real, destructible moving parts that reacted in a natural way to hits and not like boxes with damage numbers attached to different parts. Aside from the visual factor, it would make vehicle combat more interesting. They've made a move in that direction with turret and track hits etc I guess.

    Who knows, with new, more powerful hardware and if they've got more time to put into dev now that they've broken out of the 2 year release cycle hamster wheel, maybe we'll see something like that in 2021.
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