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I have read a lot of good ideas for the next battlefield and been inspired. I just thought i should pitch my idea for a Battlefield game. The casual battlefield games have already been made, and I feel like it is time for a battlefield with a more authentic approach.

This definetly excessive, but here we go:

There are a lot of cool concepts to follow up on; Vietnam, Cold war gone hot, Korea. But I feel like a modern setting would be best, at this time, for a new Battlefield game.


In this example of a Battlefield game I will focus on a HARDCORE game model which means a high damage. Focus will be on teamwork and gunplay. In this model individuality would be toned down for the benefit of pushing towards team feeling, teamwork and squads holding together. Teamwork and playing the objective gives the most points and point-inflation is toned down. Factions will stick to faction relevant vehicles, gear, weapons and authentic variants.


Part of my mentality here is "Less is more", focusing on the gunplay, teamwork etc. and not a large number of gadgets that makes every man a one-man army. The number of different weapons available will be limited to the faction you are playing. Fun gameplay through teamwork is the goal, not progression grinding, though there is some of that too.


A new Battlefield game should in my mind sould distribute the abilities of previous classes on a higher number of classes - a lot like BF 2.


Example of world situation:

World War nr.?, US, Russia, China and Resistance Coalition are at war with each other.


US military - Defending its allies and takes advantage of the world situation to get troops, support and control of NATO. They have a standardised force.

Chinese army - Expanding to seize natural resources as a result of the increasing population size. They have a standardised force.

Russian army – Seeing what the two superpowers are doing, and taking advantage of rising instability, Russia expands to secure its borders. They have a standardised force.

Resistance forces - Unpleased by world instability, they gather from all affected countries to liberate nations occupied by the factions mentioned. Consisting of mercenaries, x solidiers and rebels.








- Optional kit for the squad leader.

- Can spot and highlight enemies for the squad for 5 seconds.

- Increase the interest of taking an active role for teamwork

1. Primary weapon

(Assault rifles, carbines, PDWs, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols)  

3. Spawn Beacon

4. Thermal binoculars

5. Grenade

6. Knife



- An aggressive rifleman.

- A small extension of the support and medic class.

- Affect squad durability in fire fights by ammo bags and small health packs.

- An aggressive class to assault enemy positions.


1. Primary weapon

(Assault rifles, carbines, PDWs, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols)

3. Ammo bag or Grenade launcher (mounted on gun or separate)

4. Small medic bag

5. Grenade

6. Knife



- Long ranged player.

- Assisting the team by softening the enemy advances.

- Use of sniper rifles and DMRs needs practice to become skilled.

- Covering open areas

- Ambushing on long distance.

- Can be used as a spec ops class with other primary weapons.


1. Primary weapon (Sniper rifles, DMRs,

assault rifles, carbines, PDWs, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols or PDW if Sniper rifle is equipped)

3. Anti-personnel mine or Plastic explosives or grappling hooks

4. Grenade

5. Smoke

6. Knife


- Fire superiority.

- Suppressing of the enemy.

- Provides ammo resupply.

- Controlling an area with massive fire.

1. Primary weapon (LMGs,

assault rifles, carbines, PDWs, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols)

3. Ammo bag

4. Grenade

5. Smoke

6. Knife



- Demolition and repair.

- A pilot and crewman role.

- CQ clearing

- In vehicle, nearby vehicles will slowly be repaired.

- Faster recovery from critical hit when in vehicle.

- Removing explosives without detonating them.


1. Primary weapon

(Assault rifles, carbines, PDW, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols or Shotguns)

3.Plastic explosives or AT-Mine

4.Repair tool

5. Grenade

6. Knife


- A rifleman.

- Enhance combat perseverance through quick heling of teammates and self.

- Have the ability to revive downed teammates and saving tickets.

- However, the best first aid is bullets into enemies.


1. Primary weapon

(Assault rifles, carbines, PDW, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols)

3. Medic bag

4. Defibrillators (or Bandages)

5. Grenade

6. Knife


- Taking care of enemy vehicles on the ground and in the air.

- Clearing out enemies in advantageous positions on and inside buildings.

- Locking down access points for vehicles.

1. Primary weapon (Assault rifles, carbines, PDW, shotguns)

2. Secondary weapon (Pistols)

3. AT-Rockets or AA-Rocket

4. AT-Mine

5. Grenade

6. Knife



Character – Customization within limits. Gender, race, head and face, and maybe other small cosmetics (Like rolling up sleeves, Covering of face, Helmet, cap or bonnie hat. Hearing protection, Gloves, Shades, Googles on the helmet, on the face or not at all…). Clothing: Uniform jacket or Combat shirt. All character customization features are unlocked from the beginning.

Squad – Making a squad or entering a squad (You enter matches without a squad), Squad name, 6 or 7 slots in a squad, Locked or open squads, Invite to squad from the server.

Gun - Camo pattern (camo relevant to the environment/map), Suppressor or not, Laser sight, Sights (Relevant to faction), Grips, Flashlight, Grenade launcher (for assault).


Not customizable:

Camo on uniform (camo must be relevant to the environment/map)

Body armour (The look of the body armour depends on the class and weapon you equip):

Ground vehicles:

Tank: Main gun (AP and HE main gun ammo), coax, IR smoke, CROW top cover

LAVs: Main gun (AP and HE), coax, IR smoke, CROW top cover

Cars: Heavy and Light, with top cover

Bikes: Quad bikes, Dirt bikes


Air vehicles:

Helicopters: Transport, Attack



Patrol boats

Transport boats


Guns – Damage is high, every class can wield the assault rifles, carbines, personal defence weapons, shotguns and pistols. Faction loadout classes needs to be balanced. No weapon is significantly better than others. Guns need a small learning curve to master them.

Sniper rifles – Do 85% damage so it plays as a support weapon not an assault rifle. Hitting upper chest and head is instant kill. A good sniper is skilled at the role, at the same time we avoid 60-70% snipers on servers. Significant scope sway on sniper scopes (standing and moving), No lens flare, Must have high powered scope attached, Only gun that can have high powered scopes attached.

Assault rifles and carbines – Recoil on full-auto/burst is hard to control (works on close range), Single fire is key on medium to long range, Assault rifles and carbines do the same damage per shot. Example: Damage is 30% per shot in the upper body (4 shot kill).

Designated marksman rifles – Is only usable by the recon class as it is a marksman rifle and the recon class is a marksman class. Recoil from each shot is significant. Can use all sights, including high power scopes. Example: Damage is 35% per shot to the body (3 shot kill).

Personal defence weapons – Are more controllable at full auto/burst, but less damage per shot compared to assault rifles and carbines, Less accurate at long ranges. Example: Damage is 25% per shot to the upper body (4 shot kill).

Light machine guns – Permanent bipods that deploy with a specific button, Recoil is more forgiving compared to assault rifles and carbines on full auto/burst due to weight, bullet spread increase while shooting (Not laser pointers), Needs to be controlled with burst fire, Has a good suppression effect. Hard coming up with a fitting damage per bullet example.

Pistols – Does not do as much damage as the primary weapons. Example: 20% per shot to the upper body.

Gadgets – Number of gadgets are being kept at a minimum. Specific to each faction as well as can be done, Spawn beacons are only for the squad to spawn at and you spawn on the ground (Not in the air). Grappling hooks have a 2-floor throwing range with a 3-floor rope length. AT and AA equipped weapons do more damage but has few rockets, one AT soldier can’t bring down a 100% operational tank/APC without help. An AT-soldier can carry 2 AT rockets or 1 AA rocket.

Commander – Give orders to each squad (Attack/Move to/Defend positions and objectives), Help with supply drops, Mortar barrages/Artillery/CAS, Special weapons drop, UCAV. Barrages need to be requested by the squad leaders and the commander can grant the request from a friendly objective. He or she can be a player on the server that uses the commander map to support the team and play on the ground. The commander role can be disabled on the servers that doesn’t want it, if the game mode doesn’t support it or if the map doesn’t support it.

Mortar/Artillery barrages Barrages can be smokescreen, explosive or CAS (Close air support). Needs a long cooldown time.

Supplies – Classes can be changed at supply points; Supplies comes from the commander through supply drop and supplies through transport helicopters.

Destruction – Not everything should be destructible/levelled to the ground (for map integrity), Demolished buildings should be raised to the ground to reduce the risk of invisible walls.

Maps – Make "strategic sense" (You don't fight over tiny islands because of their nice palm trees, or a hotel because they have 1 room left), objectives are placed at locations that make sense (Not by a couple of rocks in the desert). Reduce the open areas, put up more buildings, rocks, forests. City maps with buildings that has a lot of 2 - 5 floors. The skyscrapers and open areas invite the majority of the players to sit back and snipe. Nothing wrong with using snipers to cover large open areas (That is its purpose), but at some point, too many people are sniping from afar and not playing the objectives or filling in classes that are sorely needed. Not providing non-recon classes DMRs is an attempt to make those classes more aggressive on playing the objectives. Maps also needs to be tailored to the game mode. Personally, I would like more street fighting.

Vehicles – Got a standard armament and armour. The repair of vehicles (Air, land and sea) can be done by an engineer or by returning to your Main base.

Air vehicles – When taking an air vehicle, the class and kit of the player changes to the Pilot class with a PDW, pistol and knife. The reasoning for this is to reduce the wasting of air vehicles as player’s personal transport to their favourite sniping spot.

Stationary weapons - AA turrets can be found at some objectives (player controlled), Guided missiles at some objectives, Mounted machine guns at some objectives and they have a good strategic positioning, Machine gun positions are not protected by a shield.

Resupply – All vehicles need to rearm at Main base or at a supply crate dropped by the commander. Infantry ammo is resupplied from ammo bags equipped by support and assault, at supply drops, transport helicopters and main base. Rockets and grenades are rearmed from supply drops, transport helicopters and slowly from ammo bags. Supply crates can be destroyed and disappears when a new crate is dropped by the commander.

Rewards & Progression– Rewards and progression should feel natural and as a bonus to the gameplay, not the main focus of the game. You progress, unlock gadgets and attachments by playing the game and gathering weapon points. These points are used to unlock the weapons, attachments and gadgets you want to unlock. Unlocking a sight unlocks that sight for all rifles that can use it. The player’s level is indicated by rank, but it is also important to not drown the player in rewards and point inflation.

Do not include:

Bow and arrows, frag ammunition for shotguns, slug ammunition for shotguns, Bizarre camo colors for weapons and face, Battlepacks, Pay for DLCs, Maps that doesn't make "strategic sense", Killcam, Futuristic weapons, Hand held UCAV, SUAV, EOD bot, XM25, M320 3GL, M320 dart, M320 LVG, M320 FB, Minimap, Insane and weird character skins (Prosthetic limbs, post-apocalyptic clothes, civilian clothes).


Focus on the multiplayer aspect first and single player second, if at all.

I think it would be good with a normal mode as well.

On the scoreboard and squad setup board you can see what classes everyone is playing to see which positions could help your team the most.

Anti-Tank and engineer class can be joined into one.

Character skin can be unique to the class to more easily spot which classes friendlies have equipped.

Have a selection of voices to choose from. This way the sound of voice commands doesn’t become too repetitive.

Maybe cross platforming would be something.

Up to 100 players servers would be something to aim for.

Also need command wheel and VOIP for local, squad, commander and between squad leaders.

Want this to be a fine line of casual and serious gaming. If you want to lone wolf, do it, but you will not get many points. If you want to start a teamwork squad, do it, and kick out those who doesn't want to work as a team. With this game idea I wish to promote teamplay and authenticity for a fun game experience with friends and strangers.

I would like to see an idea like this as a future battlefield game that has faction relevant weapons, balanced gameplay, not too many gadgets and most importantly; focuses on teamwork! A less casual game that needs a skill curve where you can get good at the weapon and class you like to play.

My thoughts about a good Battlefield game idea are almost perfectly in line with the idea of Battle(non)sense. Loving his Battlefield 1982 idea.


  • warslag
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    The amount of effort you've put into your post is amazing. Well done!

    I'm just going to pick up on a few points and comment on them in my post as I read through your suggestions.

    Your suggestions, for the era and setting of Battlefield, are, I presume, based on wanting to keep the weaponry fairly simple, so as to avoid excessive gadgetry such as EoD bots and UAVs etc. But I don't think it's necessary to avoid eras, where gadgets like that are present. Instead you could just pick any era, and say that you want a limit on gadgets.

    BF:3 got it right with floppy-core and hardcore. There's no reason why we can't have both modes. But I think that the hardcore version is better.

    I don't like this made up word 'gunplay'. Right next to it you have another word I don't like which is 'teamwork'. It's obvious that teamwork is necessary at times, but trying to force teamwork onto players all the time just makes for tedious game play. The changes to reviving since BF:3 show that. It's better to offer dilemmas to players, where they can choose to work as a team or lose. But to be constantly faced with having to 'teamwork' to do anything, will lead, ultimately, to constant disappointment, when your feckless teammates choose not to cooperate. You can see how forcing team work, starts to make the team break down, when the threshold for successful teamwork becomes a drag. It's better to let players shine in their own choices. BF: 2 and BF:3 both got the balance right. But in BF games since, you can feel the determination of the game designers to make you 'teamwork'. It's all too apparent.

    I agree with your class distribution, and also agree that BF:2 got it right.

    But I think that, because EA took over DICE, and because there have been lots of staff changes at DICE since BF:2, that it's probably inevitable that the devs who now work on Battlefield simply see BF:2 as a fossil. It's probably also really difficult to gauge what BF players actually want. Plus you have EA. BF:3 was a great BF game, and DICE was already owned by EA when they made it. But since then, we have lost our 3rd party server rentals, and server rentals have now become a grotesque and depressing joke. This one part alone has probably done more than anything else, to make Battlefield a much worse game. Server communities and clans were like homes, pubs or sports teams, where players who liked to play Battlefield would play together, often for years. But EA have done all that in. They have attacked their own player base in the same way an invading military might dismantle the infrastructure of a country. Why they've done it I have no idea. Probably has something to do with spreading Amazon and Google data centres around the globe. Perhaps this is also why the powers that be have turned a blind eye to loot boxes and all the other crap for so long.

    I like your ideas, but I also feel that some of it is too complex. More like the game play of an MMO, with lots of mitigating stats and such. FPS games should be about the physical aspects of gaming, such as hand-eye coordination and spatial intelligence. A all the under the bonnet stuff should be less apparent. I think the way MMO-like game play design has crept into Battlefield is possibly also because a lot of devs were wow kids. It's probably why they have no moral or ethical objections to loot boxes.
  • Henry_Laurentius
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    Thanks man! Appreciate your constructive feedback.
    In "mentions" I wrote that it would be good to have normal game mode as well.
    The era isn't realy that important, it's just a personal preference. I was trying to clarify that gadgets need to be restricted, whatever the era.

    A skill curve with weapons are important to make the, I'm sorry, "gunplay" intriguing. For this you need to work on eye hand coordination to become skilled with the weapons.

    About the teamwork feedback: (BF2 got it right) I feel the later battlefields have just dropped you into squads without you caring. My thought, as in BF2, was that the player had to make an active choice to join a squad IF he or she want teamwork. If you want to lone wolf you don't need to join any squad, or you can make a squad for those that wants a relativly more casual game. Also I absolutely agree with you on that forcing to much teamwork might so more harm than good. But in my mind, they have already been trying to force it by just placing you in a random squad when you join the game, not giving you the choice. Forcing you to pretend that you care for the team. At the same time they were making players carry a platoon worth of equipment which I see as making the player more individualistic (up to a point is all good, but not too excessive). So we got conflicting content.
    I wish future battlefield games gives you the choice of teamwork or lone wolfing. Not my intention to make it forced, but I wanted to underscore that you got the choice and you have to make it.

    Awarding more points for resupplying, reviving, healing, repairing, saving than so that the one that did the most for his team comes on the top of the scoreboard, not necessarily the guy that got the most kills.

    The last paragraphs are nicely explained.
    I don't expect my model to be the ONE, but it is my pleasure to share thoughts I have about this franchise that I fell in love with and hope to fall in love with again.

    The under-the-bonnet stuff should be less important, but you sort of have to put it into the game model when explaining aspects. That way it might help the reader to get a some what clear picture of what you have in mind.

    - I want the player to make an active choice between a more independent and casual route or a route with focus on teamwork.
    - Thanking you for the great feedback and discussion.
    - A combination of skills and team related actions should award you most point and a spot at the podium.
    - Imortant to have reduced gadgets and have class distribution (more than 4 classes)
    - A normal and hardcore mode

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