I am fed up with these hackers..

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i just decided to stop playin the series, i truly loved the game and there was always some cheating, most of the time i thought most ppl just complained and if they werent good enough they shouted; Hackers!!, But today i thought let's try a game and i noticed this guy who had a little too much good aim so i started spectating.
It was so obvious, lookin at the wall and than knowing exactly who was comin where, than i looked a bit more and every server i went they were there.
Since that i just cant enjoy the game anymore knowing they r there ruining it,why r there no private servers, so at least there r admins who can kick this kind of behaviour. Otherwise do something about it DICE, cause for me its not just the reason i will quit the series, i will probably quit my Origin Premier Account. The biggest reason i have it is for battlefield anyway.
I just feel a bit sad about it cause i know nothing will happen anyway.... BYE BATTLEFIELD, (removing the game...) 


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