Hackers Killing Australian Servers

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I know this is like beating a dead horse at this point, but it has become ludicrous now. Unfortunately I cant name names here because I know that this post will be taken down almost immediately. At this point we have to cry for attention. Over the past week the Australian Servers amount of active Servers are declining dramatically due to the works of just ONE cheater. This person jumps from server to server until no one plays anymore. The player base has reported time and time again. It feels like Dice or EA, whoever is responsible for cheaters, doesn't care AT ALL. And we do have the proof I can link the YouTube video of the blatant hacking for everyone to see if it hasn't been taken down yet. I want to play this game. I truly do. I'm probably one of the few that enjoy it even with all the controversial changes made in the past few months. But when stuff like this goes unchecked for weeks, Dice and EA wont have a game to monetize because people are going to be fed up and gone. It's at the point where we won't care anymore because whats the point. There are going to be no active servers because of a declining player base and then throw in a hacker. Now you've successfully killed a game. I don't know why this guy is doing it. Whether it be to draw attention to this fact as a chaotic good type of deal where this person is trying to get the developers attention or whether its because this person is just a sad human being and gets enjoyment from the attention this person is getting. Although this person has stated in game chat that he hopes to be banned just so he cant make a new account and do it again. At some point you have to say enough is enough. We even had to resort to using the lunge as a team member to CC him so he cant play the game. 

DICE OR EA PLEASE! Do something about the hundreds of reports flooding in. It shouldn't be that hard. We have all the proof you want and need.

And yes I am calling out the developers here and for good reason. By the time this issue gets sorted, its going to be too late and you wont have a player a base that for the game that I'm sure means a lot to you with the amount of manpower hours you have put into it. 

I hope that the person in particular who is ruining it for everyone else sees this post just so he can get that kick that they are probably looking for. I don't know what demons are running around you my friend but I hope you can sort yourself out.

I'm ending my rant here because if you've read this far, thank you. 

TL:DR Hackers Killing Aus servers. Nothing being done about it.


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