6.2 Update Notes here. Updated with Detailed Weapons Stats.



  • WalcalkhIII
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    Semis return to former greatness and will be the #1 choice for everything outside of extreme cqc range.

    Even better than the ars now compared to 5.0.

    G1-5 or Turner hmm

    Also all mgs except madsen get the stg44 dmg model.
    Let's see how that works out but good news for the bar I guess.
    It's slow fire mode seems even more useless than before though.

    Smgs didn't profit much from the 6.2 changes it seems.
    Slow fire mode on the BAR had the same damage model as the Madsen MG, which was a 6 bullet kill across the board. I for one am happy to see the slow fire mode have a distinguishing damage to it, so it performs similarly to the M1919. The benefit from the slow ROF anyways is much more controllable recoil. 
  • StealthAria
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    Wake Island - We ask everyone to be careful around the large fuel tanks

    Possible new Easter egg?
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