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  • SirBobdk
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    Dice made a game with one superior class that most people play. 
    It has a bearing on teamwork when there is an imbalance in classes.
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    I don't think it's the players, or not totally them. The game should encourage you to play the objective and it doesn't. Such a low TTK only makes new players want to hide and I understand that. Look at BF4 for example, people always play the objective and teamplay. Or BF1, wich is even more alive than this thing. The whole game needed a rework from the beginning but DICE decided that skins are more important than gameplay. That's got to change on BF6
  • ninjapenquinuk
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    I think we need to make the difference between active and passive team work.  Active team work ie using a mic and being in a clan has always been the exception. Passive team work is basically playing solo but working towards a common goal.  This has certainly declined over the years.  You dont need to be mic'ed up to know to attack the objective or defend the flags, or to try and take down the annoying pilot or tanker who is decimating your team.  Now some of the issues why this opassive team work is declining is due to poor map design/stupid assignments/poor weapon mechanics and balance, but a great deal of it is purely down to the players.  If a plane is bombing your team back to the stone age, dont whine and hide in a bush with a sniper rifle, pick the Flieger or jump on AA and try take them down. 3/4/5 people do this and its goodnight annoying pilot.
  • DingoKillr
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    DingoKillr wrote: »
    Players not doing teamwork. Wow let's see why.

    - Can't spot near by enemy(Infantry or vehicle) for team mate, unless recon with scope or flare.
    - Assignments. 
    - Can't spawn on teammates vehicle(squad only).  Expect transport.
    - No commander to coordinate squads.
    - Weapons which require different play styles that can easily scatter a squad.
    - Squad leader can't perform full role when in vehicle.
    - Anti - Zerg weapons/vehicles have little counters. Example bombers.
    - Lack of squad communication in game. To much reliance on verbal communication in game or 3rd party. 
    - Aspect that effect team play defenders on some modes spawn to far away. 

    But let's blame players that don't know how to play.

    Every point you just made apart from the spawning too far away is flat out wrong and you definitely have no idea how to play this game, tanks are to be hit from the back, it is a god danm tank you know. And aw sorry that dice didn't make make all the guns the same as each other and have one play style the same for every weapon nawwww tooo baddd
    Such a delicate soul. You really don't see the issue, players are meant to support one and other. If players are to scattered and with current weapon setup it makes it hard  for players to actual help each other.

    Secondly the intra team communication is lacking but you head is so fuddled, your refuse to see it.

    Finally in past BF the level of destruction allowed players to hide during capturing an object, BFV it is to much. Where tanks can kill you behind hills, planes can clear out a whole flag and let's not forget the V1.

    I don't want the same play style or weapons and I have never said that.  What does hitting the tank from behind got to do with anything I said. 
  • iwashighwayman
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    I don't even blame the failure of BFV on dice or EA, I blame the people that play the game, it's failed because the game is made for team work and communication, NO One does either of these things and that leads to nothing but a big bloody mess all over the map, it's like a 64 player call of duty that does not play well on a frostbite engine, frustrating almost everyone and making them leave and not come back, not to mention the marketing at the start, but I still think its more the the game being a team building game and it just does not happen, it never does with that many players.

    No, i blame pathetic clown Soderlund and his sjw agenda, sexist propaganda, EA greed and inaccurate potrayal of ww2.
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