Rush mode un-winable for defenders?

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ive started playing rush mode now, and its like the 10th game and ive never seen the attackers team win, just once, and on the 9 other times it looks like a complete unbalanced match.
btw- whats the proccess that makes the attacking team to gain more tickets? like- when?!


  • Tunza42
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    When the attackers take the sector (destroy both telegraphs), their tickets will refresh.  It doesn't matter if they have 60 or only 1 left upon taking the sector it is back up to 75 or 100 depending on the map. 
    P.S are you saying defenders always lose or defenders always win? It really depends on if your on a team that is good at defending and vice versa.  Attackers have absolutely no chance if over half the team isn't pushing.  You'll find as you play rush more the win/lose ratio of attackers to defenders will even out to 50/50
  • disposalist
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    In my not-so-humble opinion, 20-man rush is too few and the games almost play out weirdly.

    It only takes a couple of attacking players to camp instead of PTFO and the attack is impossible.

    But, if the attackers coordinate and a couple of defenders aren't really trying, 8 defenders is not enough to cover the objectives.

    I've heard people complain both ways. That's because it's so very rare to get a balanced match in rush - even more than other modes.
  • Skill4Reel
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    Too many people seem to think that defending in rush (also operations) means that they don't have to move anywhere.  I call it lazy defender syndrome.  The defending team has to aggressively push the attackers backwards and away from the objectives.  Which can't be done when a large majority of the people on the defending team have camping spots behind what they are supposed to be protecting.  The line of defense when playing these modes should always be in front of the objectives to prevent the attackers from reaching them.  If the attackers are getting to the objectives whenever they want with little opposition.  Look at your map and where your team is positioned, and it will show you the reason why.  
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