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    This is one of the things that annoy me the most about balancing, the uneven starts. 

    On Operations attackers are the ones with the difficult job ahead. They need to push and take casualties to win. Why on Earth do Ops games then start 20-25 in defenses advantage?? And if you sit in the Score screen you’ll see players added to defense well before attack is filled up. I don’t get the logic of that, if there are any. 

    Yeah it would seem an easy program to make sure the teams start with even numbers.

    And sometimes you’ll see pretty uneven numbers mid or late round. If one team is smaller then at least dont let the bigger team continue growing until the smaller team evens out. The software should handle this better. I dont know if they just tried to get too fancy with their algorithms or what. Its not rocket science.
    I think they made a total mess of the lobby system in BF1. It doesn't seem to have any idea of players joining or leaving. It's like it allocates teams based on the last game population and sticks with that no matter what happens.

    In *this* regard, BF4 was much better, if I recall correctly. The lobby system was excellent.
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