Over BFV well come back to BF4 [PC]

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Hi all,
BF4 is still very alive.
If you're over BFV come and battle on this new BF4 Hardcore conquest server in Australia on PC
We have just started a Hardcore server in Australia [THC] platoon.
So if there are any Ozzies or NZers out there looking for a true Hardcore server in AUS  with 64ply, 2 x commander and 2 x spectator slots you are more than welcome to join.   
Server has No Weapon Restrictions, commander, spectator for everyone, 1000Tks, vote map, high ping kicker, auto balancer and punish/forgive for teamkills.  Other regions are welcome but there is a ping kicker it's not set to low but may affect some regions.
So please come and join a server that has plenty of fun and many Battlefield moments.
Looking forward to seeing you on the Battlefield.

A [THC] True HardCore CQ [Active Admins]Vote Map!!

Kind Regards


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