Odd gameplay mechanic idea(may be horrible or great)

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Battlefield has had many iterations, both historical and modern, and created unique destructable environments. However, this makes me wonder: why limit destruction on a grand scale to modern(ish) fps games?
Well, sorta. Idea being a naval combat game, where a 'squad' of 10 forms a crew and mans a ship in armada battles and raids of sorts. I know it seems odd to put it here, but a ship could be comprised of many destructable objects rather than 1, making strategy a bit more nuanced, such as blasting rails so enemies are more likely to fall overboard. If mechanics go well, a colonial-era battlegield could then be created, but by using a spinoff of sorts(term used loosely), no additional harm would befall the feanchise.
I just think that there is a limit to how much a modern shooter can be rehashed, near-future has been done numerous times, and far future is dominated by SWBF2 and other titles(and EA owns others, and competition is nog desired). WW1 and 2 need to have perfect recreations, which BFV did not meet(sorry, but it's true) so the question of what BF7 will be is open.
And mass destruction is available through powder kegs and 4 pound cannons, as well as rocks tearing onto a ship. There are still standard gun mechanics, and 1 shot guns were common but not the only option with multiple-barrelled guns.
Rates of fire would be lower, but gameplay would still be similar yet different. Plus, the melee and bayonet systems could be perfected.
I may be crazy, but battlefield needs something new. CoD currently has an edge, but offering different combat types could give an edge. Armada battles, raids, and conquest in port towns could all feature. Ships and dingies for vehicles, and no planes killing everyone on Fjell.
It wouldn't be battlefield at first, but would be a good way to test bf mechanics on another standalone game to see if battlefield can go even further back and offer something new.
Because unless BF6 brings spicy new gameplay, a modern shooter will never live up to BF3 or BF4.
It may be crazy, but it may be crazy enough to work. EA got destruction right-bring it to the rest of the timeline.
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