Why can't I use my dlc weapons?

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I started an account on here just to ask this question, why can't I use my dlc weapons? I've unlocked them in the past, and I remember using them, but for some reason they're locked now. I can even go to my soldier and it says that I've already done the challenges that's needed to unlock them, but when I go and try to equip it in game, they're grayed out. I can use some weapons like the Bulldog and AS VAL and I can even play on the dlc maps, but other weapons like the MP 7 and MTAR are locked. I wasn't having these issues until I started game sharing with a friend so maybe that's it? But if that's the case, then why am I able to play on the maps? I'm sorry if this whole thing seems like a cluster ****, I'm just really confused and frustrated.

Btw I've already deleted the application and then reinstalled it and that didn't work either.


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