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Hello Battlefield community!

We are OFC community

First starting with sending our deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones during this pandemic, and we wish you a long healthy life.

OFC community is all about fun and creating connection between players, friendship, and good laughs. We are a community who believe in DICE, and in love with Battlefield.

We know that we expected more from DICE, and that new community servers did take the freedom of the communities who wishes to configure the game and protect it as they like, and since a lot of communities have given up on battlefield, we have not, and we will NOT. We have adopted the new way and we are working hard to protect the rules of the game and our own rules.
While we feel that comparing Battlefield 3 with Battlefield 4 and V is not right, but we feel that the element that is lost in both versions after BF3 is communication. BF is all about communication, it always have been, and we feel players lose half the fun without communicating, as it gives solid tactics while you are playing. 

OFC encourages players to communicate during gameplay whether it is official battlefield discord or community discord, or other communication application, but it is also far better using the server own discord server.

OFC is all about Squad play.


PC Only

OFC would like to invite you to join our community we would like to know you and share laughs with you on discord. 

OFC discord

Visit our website to read the rules and events and get to know OFC members
OFC Website

We invite other platoons to come against us and have fun and laugh. 


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    👍 nice
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    Why do you guys ban people for no reason? My squadmate banned just for being better than you, then the rest of us banned for asking why... [removed].
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