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sli performance problem

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Hey guys i've got 2 gtx 760 graphics cards in sli and i have some problems with my fps. on Some Maps i can easy play with about 80-90 fps on ultra settings for example the map, that also was playable in beta... but as soon as i go on a different Map my fps drops down to 35 fps.. i can turn every setings down to the minimum and still have about 35 fps... i was wondering if i'm the only one who has got such a big diference from one map to another.. Here's my whole Rig:
i7 4770
gtx760 2way sli
1tb ssd
32gb ddr3 Ram

i never had any problems with this setup...
sorry for my bad english ;) and thanks


  • tomek99cz
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    I had the same problem. I have 2 GTX 760 SLI in Low detail settings FPS dropped (15+). I switch off SLI and now I play Ultra details in 50+ FPS.
  • staale02
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    The 375.63 solved my SLI problems, before that I had frequent frame times of 200ms, even after trying all recommended tricks. Now it is perfect smooth. I only run at 60Hz though. I used the in game frame time graph tool.
  • GoodBusy
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    edited December 2016
    I have 2 GTX 760 in SLI setup and a Samsung SyncMaster B2240 monitor (60Hz)
    When I start BF1 I get glitch screen (like sync problems)
    When I turn off SLI its gone.
    Anyone have an idea ?
    I have 1 small SLI cable attached... or should I connect 2 ?
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