Battlefield 1 - Top 5 issues or improvements


  • KykyshkA453
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    Optimization pls battlefront optimized better than battlefield 1
  • zkhil2
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    We in the SEA region are still waiting for an official word on regional servers. Titanfall2, BF4,BF3, BF hardline all have SEA servers and we get decent ping (<40 from India). But BF1 only has Japan servers which gives a really bad ping to most of us. Not only that, many ISPs have bad routing to Japan and there is very high amount of packet loss. Please let us have atleast Rentable servers in SEA, if not official.
    Make LMGs more powerful, like +2 or +3 damage per shot, nothing too drastic, just making them more viable.
    Give us a reason to use anything but the 1916 Sabelstar marksman DMR medic rifle. That gun is perfect, and is significantly better than every other gun in the medic class. Please dont nerf it, make others more powerful. or give a couple of shotguns to the medic class.
    Every other annoying thing im OK with - like the medals bug, not being able to quit or change loadouts outside the game, these things can be fixed. The game is really well balanced mostly. Just LMGs need some more damage.

    And yet, I can live without any changes to the game, i just need SEA servers. It becomes unplayable some days with >220 ping (up from the usual 110 which in itself is borderline unplayable). Please give us rentable SEA servers! Thanks
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    DirectX Error is for me the biggest problem, i cant enjoy the game properly as im crashing all the time. There is a thread on forums with almost 300 pages of posts from people experiencing the same problem - with no possible fix - This must get a Very High Priority Issue. Please adress this asap and thank you for your time.
  • Infinite_12
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    -The revive bug where you can't use your weapon when revived until you switch weapons needs to be fixed.
    -As a gunner in a plane I've been noticing that after a short time your bullets start firing above where you're aiming.
    -I think AA guns need a nerf. Either their range or damage needs a nerf and I think there are too many AA guns on some of the maps like St. Quentin's Scar, Empire's Edge, Monte Grappa.
    -The servers need improving for sure. All my friends that I play with still experience lag quite frequently.
    -There should be alternate ways to earn battlepacks. I.e- leveling up or completing medals.
    -I'd love to see a way to customize vehicles without having to have one selected. In BF4 you could customize all your loadouts, vehicle or infantry, from one menu. I'd like to see that come back.
  • Blodkorpen
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    1.Operations in Server Browser.

    2. Lock vehicles to FPS or fix the third-person exploit somehow.

    3. Reduce Hipfire accuracy with some guns (e.g pistols)

    4. Request Order -> SQ do not give order -> Replace him as SQ

    5. Change replenishment of grenades/explosives. Maximum of 1 grenade replenished in a life and finite mortars.

    6. Give the syringe a cooldown or the need to charge it up. Don't give the syringe a limitation tho and don't listen too much to Levelcap.

    BONUS: The ability to see transport vehicles on the map before you spawn. Sometimes I've spawned blindly on the base in hope for a vehicle, so I can drive around the enemy and cap behind them or something and most of the times, they're not there.

    The medal system needs to be fixed, as mentioned in other posts as well as main-menu customization would be a highly appreciated feature. There are other changes I'd want like a reduction in running speed and reload time but that ain't gonna happen, so I posted the ones that I deem important now aside from fixing glitches/bugs.
  • owltro
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    1. Start menu is slow to open
    2. End-of-round screen either slow to open or doesn't open at all
    3. m1903 infantry pls (or you can give us the ability to add ironsights to any weapon)
    4. Improve the spawn-on-squad-member system because they're usually dead by the time you spawn in on them
    5. Option to switch L1/R1 with L2/R2
  • dgeesio
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    freezing animation or no swap to weapon after throwing things or being shot.often you cant swap weapon you end up dead.
  • Sgt_kkn_
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    Sindari said:

    1. Revive bug (can't aim / shoot after revive)
    2. Gas Grenade bug (can't shoot for a couple of seconds after throwing Gas Grenade)
    3. Floor tiles of instant death (think it might be spots where an Airship has crashed, but sometimes impossible to tell why / see any danger)
    4. Need option to quit at end of round to remain, currently we have to load into the next map, takes ages
    5. Need option to customize tanks + planes even if none are available, should always be able to, and no option to customize cavalry at all

    click forward ( down right hand side ) so you get to the loading screen then back again ( down left hand side ) so you get up the scoreboard and then you get up the quit button
  • plain_ole_pain
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    Have a spot on the behemoth to be a spawn point only option.
  • KPNuts74
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    I am a TDM player (I know boooo!) so keep that in mind.

    1. TDM - increase number of players/tickets. Current games last as little as 7 minutes and the wait between each map is 3 - 4 minutes. If not fixed by default, lets hope rented servers offer a solution.
    2. Mini-map register enemy fire. I know the idea is reacting to the situation but the way this is being exploited by certain cynical players hiding/lying in random corners is frustrating.
    3. Stop the join party option coming up whilst you are actually in play - you either get distracted/killed or can accidentally press A and leave if timing really bad!
    4. Spawn beacons would be nice :wink:
    5. Stop spawn on squad mates in TDM.
  • Jedi76
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    caleemack said:

    1) suppression shouldn't affect your bullet trajectory, It should be just some "visual effect"
    2) medic despirately needs at least one usable gun, now he doesn't have anything to fire with.. for ex. shotgun for close range and improved his actual guns accuracy/fire rate for mid range
    3) sniper shouldn't give only 60 dmg into upper body/arms..
    4) "super classes" (flametrooper etc.) shouldn't be present in "infantry modes" such as Domination or TDM. there also should be at least few "infantry only" Conquest servers by default..
    5) battlerecorder or something equal

    Are you kidding me on 2? I am sick to death of being one-shotted with the Cei-Rigotti Optical. They should rename it "Snipermedic"
  • thepixelninja
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    1. Aerial
    -Adverse weather conditions should also make piloting harder, not just impair vision. (Unless only fog/haze).
    -Attack/Bomber rear gun cuts through planes way too easily. Maybe a minor tweak?

    2. Grenades
    -Gas to damage tankies/passengers albeit not as high as regular exposure and not be as effective in sandstorms/windy conditions.
    -Incendiary grenades to have bigger spread or last a little longer to be more damaging than flare guns.

    3. Vehicles/Horseback
    -Insta-repair and smoke cover on arty trucks shouldn't be capable of in tandem usage. Add some kinda countdown before one or the other gets used.
    -Mortar landship maybe double shell for mortars?
    -Unmounted cavalrymen should have regular HP and armour.

    4. Infantry
    -Longer time to resupply mortar as Support class.
    -Bipods don't always deploy.
    -AT rocket guns don't always deploy.
    -Superman prone bug. Lol
    -Slower running up sandy dunes in the desert.
    -Run+Prone to dive.

    -Quit button after match end.
    -"Join game" on friends list on the right side menu doesn't always appear.
    -More than 5 friends to add to party.
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