Battlefield 1 Giant’s Shadow Release and Update 12132016

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Welcome to the Battlefield 1 December Update. We’re excited to share with you all the changes that we are bringing to the table, headlined by the new map Giant’s Shadow. We’re also bringing a ton of important balance changes and fixes, as well as an exciting new Custom Game setting with Standard Issue Rifles that we can’t wait to try out together with the community. Finally, we’re happy to announce that our new Spectator Mode is available in this update, and we are all really excited to see what the community will do with it.

So sit back, grab a hot beverage, and enjoy reading about all the changes in detail below or here. Changes include all platforms unless specifically noted.
See you on the Battlefield!

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Steve “whitewalrus” Lin
Randy “SonicFrequency” Stanton

Introducing Giant’s Shadow*
With a massive crashed airship casting its shadow onto the battlefield, Giant’s Shadow brings fierce combat on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateau-Wassigny railway.
Fight in the shadow of a crashed giant
The Battle of the Selle, 1918. Cold autumn. British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are heading towards a strategic railway center. The outcome is uncertain. An armored train can still turn the tide.
*Available December 13, 2016 for pre-order and Premium Pass customers. Giant’s Shadow will drop for all Battlefield 1 players on December 20, 2016 as a free map pack. BATTLEFIELD 1 ON APPLICABLE PLATFORM (SOLD SEPARATELY) AND ALL GAME UPDATES, INTERNET CONNECTION, EA ACCOUNT, AND (FOR CONSOLE PLAYERS) AN XBOX LIVE GOLD OR PLAYSTATION PLUS ACCOUNT REQUIRED FOR GIANT’S SHADOW. Retail preorder customers will need to enter their code on the PlayStation®Store/Xbox Store/Origin Store to download the Giant’s Map content starting on December 13, 2016. Early access ends December 20, 2016.

Spectator Mode
With great pleasure, we would like to introduce everyone to the new Spectator mode. In Spectator, players will be able to join a live BF1 match as an observer. From there, observers can switch between first-person and third-person camera views of all the players on the battlefield through our Player View mode, get an overhead bird’s eye view of the battlefield in Table Top mode, or fly a camera through the world using Free Cam mode.
Our goal was to improve Spectator from previous versions of Battlefield. We gathered feedback from the community and focused much of our efforts on improving the usability and flow moving from player-to-player and switching between the different view modes (Table Top, Player View, and Free Cam). Another key design emphasis for us was to make Spectator a viable tool for the community to create content which includes a moveable third-person camera, depth of field, and camera filters.

New Custom Game setting – Standard Issue Rifles
A new Custom Game option has been added: Standard Issue Rifles. In SIR all kits are granted access to their faction’s standard issue rifle. For example, the British are granted the SMLE MKIII. These rifles are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WW1 trenches. As a Custom Game option, this can be enabled or disabled with other weapon types to create a variety of experiences. SIR is not available as part of the base game experience. We feel that the ability to equip SIR in vanilla would negatively impact the combat roles of the classes. As a clear WW1 fantasy, we hope that SIR scratches an itch for our broad and diverse player base.


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