Worst and best maps by ur opinion ?



  • evazier
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    TickTak77 wrote: »
    Ballroom Blitz

    All terrific maps

    Empire's Edge
    Giant's Shadow

    Both awful maps. Empire's might be one of the worst maps theyve ever come out with.

    I'm curious as to why you hate Empire's edge. I've seen quite a few people in this thread and others call it out as the worst but I've always liked it. Just interested in your (or anyone else's) opinions regarding what you dislike about it.
  • IAlwaysPTFO
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    Sinai Desert is the worst because of how vast and empty the map is and how slow vehicles spawn.Don't even think about running or you get sniped by 20 different hillhumpers.
    Forest is the best because of how chaotic and fast paced it is.
  • I-ron1n-I
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    1. Ballroom Blitz
    2. Amiens
    3. St. Q. Scar
    4. Sinai
    5. Fao
    6. Emp Edge
    7. Forest

    Top three are all there abouts. Decent for all classes and playstyles with no one thing being too dominant.

    Fao and sinai are garbage snipe fests for infantry but at least fun in vehicles and have a semi square layout leading to more even games so better than nothing.

    Empires edge sucks because of frame rate hits near the center of the map and the useless behemoth. Also not a fan of how elaborate and large the fort is, feels lopsided compared to the rest of the map.

    Forest can be great but is far too easy for bad teams to get completely shut down leading to boring games.

    Grappa, Giants and Suez are by far the worst for mine.

    Grappa could have been amazing if they'd added a tunnel system running up at least part or all of the mountain. Or alternatively if they'd made the map 'square' and expanded to the other side of the alps with a tunnel. As it is, its way too narrow, congested and just a tedious pain trying to get places on foot. Not to mention flying is awful.

    Suez and Giants are basically the same map only Giants has more vehicles so it scores higher. Complete garbage design on both though. Could be somewhat fixed by adding more travel vehicles and some decent cover on the flanks of the maps. Would still be the worst though.

  • BaronVonGoon
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    Sinai is a pretty map and I tried hard to like it. But it's boring. I get my least kills of any map on Sinai. Flag layout is terrible.

    Suez can be good at times but is often dreadful.
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