Giant's Shadow - What do you like/dislike about it?


  • OGLSpade
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    The only thing I have a problem with the map is in the middle of the blimp, the terrain is pretty rough and hard to manoeuvre while on foot, I have died many times while trying to walk up the mini mountains for cover, flattening it a little would help.
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    -It's definitely the ugliest map in the game by far.
    -It's far too open in certain areas.
    -The center D and C flags are too caotic at times.

    -By adding more cover, it will decrease the amount of open areas, and decrease the amount of chaos at the D and C flags.
    -Types of cover to include or increase: Trees, bushes, logs, buildings, destroyed tanks, giant pot holes in the ground, and etc...Be creative!
    -To fix the ugliness, I'm sure you could make the map a little more sunny, and make the grass a more vibrant green.
    -Also, by adding more cover, the map will automatically look better; so you're defeating two problems at the same time just by adding more stuff!
  • B0ng0_Banger
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    the best parts of the map are around the A and F flags which see the least amount of people there.
    the downed blimp could be placed better to provide more cover (length ways). specifically between the blimp and the E flag.
    the fog is too much. needs toning down considerably. it might make sniping harder but it also makes the map less fun for most people.
    more cover/buildings would be welcome for better flanking or just advancing in general.
    some kind of small water craft for the river would be a nice addition. imo.

    currently it's not much fun for me to play. it's not terrible but could be a lot better. It's unlikely i would join a server with it as the current map. all based on playing 64p conquest.
  • Freya_the_Bear
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    definitively needs more cover, also objectives are too far spread out, more armoured cars/ or more objectives inbetween would be nice
  • ShamefulFool
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    I think it is a little too linear as of now, probably only behind Suez in this regard. I think the openness outside of the zeppelin along with how narrow the map is really makes infantry a fairly easy target for scouts and armor. While the zeppelin would have probably been the focus of the map anyway, the openness outside of the zeppelin forces players into this area anyway because it isn't effective to be out in the open as infantry anyway with no cover. As others have mentioned, a trench network in between the zeppelin and B/E would let infantry move out of that area to other objectives more efficiently. Personally I would like the map to be widened, probably to the south of the zeppelin, to allow a player to bypass it to flank with a seventh objective in this area if necessary.
  • plain_ole_pain
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    B0ng0420 wrote: »
    the best parts of the map are around the A and F flags which see the least amount of people there.

    I agree, these are really good design areas for battles but, I never get to fight enough on those 2 points because so much of the battle is focused on the busted behemoth points.
  • JediScum81
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    It is a very open map as pointed out. If you look at the map in the campaign which I believe this map is taken from it offers so much more than the MP, more cover, high and low areas as opposed to one high area over looking the whole map. If it is taken from the Campaign then I think you took the worst part of it. The crashed Zeppelin flags are just ridiculous really, super tough to clear at times... And then there's the tanks and Artillery... Mostly not a problem but due to the openness all you need is a tanker with half a clue and they'll dominate from the centre of a field and not much can be done about it. Final point, the map isn't very wide meaning if you're in a plane then combat left to right is pointless, forcing you the length of the map through a barrage of AA and Artillery trucks. This post isn't so much of a complaint cus I'll play the map whichever way suits, it's more of an observation really.
  • Juu_Ree
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    - It is too big for me.
    - Flags A, B and E, F should be moved closer to the center of the map. Or at least A closer to B and F closer to E.

    + Everything else is ok.
  • devin071
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    As others have said, the openness and bizarre fog (so thick that you can't see through it but yet snipers across the field can spot you) are killer. I tend to skip this map now (which isn't easy because of the quit issue)
  • Prep768
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    I enjoy the map overall with the usual beautiful graphics.

    Free - nice to have something to play with/on that's not included in the Premium Pass ( I don't own it )
    The village around A/B - well laid out and the river adds more cover - had me some good scraps there
    The railway track & buildings around F - again well laid out and good scrappin'
    The behemoth & surrounding environment is quite trench'esque and great from some CQC
    Size of the map (bar flying space) is perfect imo - shame it's not bigger with a couple more cap areas tbh

    No so much/improvements
    That fog is THICK. I love the dynamic weather but that needs reducing.

    I would've liked E to have more buildings/trenches/cover that stretches (not all way) across the map towards the railway track to help close that gap between c/d & f. Not to increase the size of the cap point but to add more cover and break that expanse up more. ATM there is one or two building and a couple of log piles.

    The long stretch between C & F on the other side of the track from E is very baron & flat - even just hills, mounds ( anything that provides more cover ) as this is the biggest open space.

    The fallen zep area could do with going more vertically as you look at the map, maybe using D as the turning point.

    The space south of B & D is very open/flat. Maybe a tighter curve pushing the playing area North so that there is more space above C.
    edit - this will bring the bridge east of C into play and some well need cover provided

    This being said, still a big fan
    Also anything else you'd like to give us before the first dlc, please do :p
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  • ooO-Skull-Oooo
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    You cannot use the terrain as much as the old battlefields. The maps seem to more locked and won't let you climb rocks correctly.
  • lessthanjake123
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    1. Fluidity

    I think that the area around A and B is very good. I also like the area around the F flag. Fighting in those areas is very fun.

    I also like that the map has areas that cater to all different play styles. There is very close combat in the zeppelin, lots of sniping to be done in open areas just outside the blimp, and more urban areas at the furthest flags.

    The result of those advantages should be that players can partake in lots of different types of engagements in different types of environments, which is a good thing for a map to have.

    However, I think the map doesn't quite utilize those advantages as much as it could. The map is very large, it is pretty linear, and it has open areas in the center of the map. The result of all that is that it is difficult to actually get from one side of the map to the other. It will take a long time, and in order to do it, you basically have to traverse an area in which you are fairly easily sniped. Because of this, the map ends up being pretty static. Fighting basically centers around the zeppelin, with small skirmishes in A, B, E, and F when players happen to get a vehicle that allows them to actually flank. It's just too hard to get to A, B, E, and F otherwise. You generally don't really get significant engagements outside the center of the map. This is a bit of a shame, because the areas that largely get ignored are actually really well done. It's also a shame because it means that the map doesn't really cater to all the different playstyles that it could.

    Basically, I think that if the map were more fluid, its best traits would become more prominent. In order to do make that happen, I think it needs to be easier and faster to get from A and B to E and F (and vice versa). This would could probably be done by inserting a little more cover near the center and by increasing the spawn rate of transport vehicles like jeeps and motorcycles.

    2. Balance

    I think it is true that one side has an advantage in this map. Whichever side starts at the side with the A flag (I believe that is the Germans) are much closer to the zeppelin than the other side. This is an especially large advantage in a map that lacks fluidity and generally ends up centering on control of the zeppelin (see above). They simply have a shorter route to the fighting than the other side.

    This problem is partially mitigated by the angle of the downed zeppelin. It is angled such that the Germans can get shot while approaching the zeppelin by people across the entire length of the zeppelin. Meanwhile, the British can approach from E while not being as vulnerable to people sniping from the zeppelin.

    However, in practice, I do not think this ends up balancing it. I have had at least one match in which the disadvantaged side won. However, I've also had a few games where the British team was clearly better than the German team, yet they lost Giant's Shadow.

    I think perhaps tank/plane spawns for the British should be shorter than for the Germans in order to make up for this. Perhaps they already are a bit shorter. If so, I think the gap should be even larger.

    3. E Flag

    I think the E flag is a bit sparse. It's not a huge issue, but there's not a whole lot there. It doesn't feel like a particularly consequential place to be fighting over. I think its sparseness also makes it a bit hard to avoid relatively cheap deaths while fighting over it. It's difficult to hide in the open areas around the flag, since there's very little cover and snipers have sight lines to you from far away. In fact, it's actually difficult to even stand up amongst the logs, for fear of being sniped. Meanwhile, if you try to hide by crouching or going prone in that area, it's pretty easy to grenade you from pretty much anywhere around the flag. There's just not a whole lot of places to go, except for the one building, which you can be flushed out of fairly easily as well. I wish there was perhaps one other building across from the building already there. This would make the flag feel more substantial, give more places to hide and fight over, and make people hiding in the area with the logs not be so easy to snipe/grenade.

    4. Domination

    I just want to note that I think the Giant's Shadow Domination map is fantastic. It is perhaps my favorite Domination map. I like that there are actually some areas with long sight lines, but yet the map is not actually very open and has plenty of cover. It makes the map effective for all kinds of weapons and playstyles, I think. I also just think the map is a great setting. My love for the Domination map is part of why I wish the Conquest version of Giant's Shadow were more fluid: I wish there were more fighting around the F flag in Conquest.
  • mouhlito
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    There is a lot of fog I can not play comfortably
  • AscotBailey-2
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    So, first of all - Map is unbalanced as something not good. If u take the middle point - u will Win at 100%.

    And secondly - there is not enough space for planes.
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    Map is way to open,i thought we would have had more villages scattered about more cover needed.

    This is all that's needed in my opinion. Fill out the map a little more, it's feels a little barren and rushed. Maybe add some trenches and more buildings, whatever.

    I'm guessing that's why you gave it such heavy fog, but it's still not fixing the core issue. The fog can be reduced if you simply add more cover.

    It has potential, but it's just not there yet.
  • Kwik_Style
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    Everyone else pretty much summed it up on how to balance the map better but something that bothers me is the visuals around the behemoth. It doesn't seem like it had crashed from the sky instead it feels very artificial just sitting there.

    To help add to the immersion I would add more black smoke that plumes into the sky (visual cover for dogfights?) in addition to having more flames coming from the cloth/outside of the zeppelin. That way when the thick fog rolls in the lighting from the fires can somewhat illuminate the central area helping players to have an idea of where they are on the map rather than get lost.


    Make the surrounding areas of where the zeppelin landed a big forest and have trees that have fallen over from the crash or on fire to aid in the dreary mood of the map. This would be an easy way to add more cover as well if your designers wanted to leave the ground elevation unchanged.

    Other suggestions for easy balance changes would be to widen the playable area making it so players could utilize the creek running from B all the way to F. Move the British spawn closer to the F flag while increasing the distance from German spawn to A flag. Decrease the size of the capture areas on A and F. Add more calvary/armored cars/motorcycles to each teams spawn
  • IlIllIIIlIIIl
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    For me it has too much open space. But that's really just my main complaint for a lot of the maps.

    Id just like some more maps like Amiens.
  • Sir-Praise-a-lot
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    With the lack of cover and the map borders forming a banana with no space to flank, Giant's Shadow is just way too focused on certain spots in the middle.

    While Sinai Desert is also a big (disliked) map with partially open terrain you still move from flag to flag, even to G due to the dunes giving regular elevation changes and more importantly it's so far from the rest that you are rarely in the spotlight while running there, and have action everywhere at some point. Fao Fortress might be even worse but having action in various places still happens often. Empire's Edge would probably also be a fair comparison but opposed to Sinai and Fao I like Empire's Edge. Yet the Same applies, you are often fighting in various places even though there is quite some distance between many of the flags.
    In Giant's Shadow, depending on the balance, it's similar to Suez where you mostly fight somewhere around the middle, yet it feels worse. The battle often is even more stationary, you feel like you move around less even if you aren't (houses and dunes are better than fields with one ledge/slope at best) and rarely see/use the neat looking rest of the map. Even if you manage to flank to the lonely outer flags you just feel disconneted from everything else. It's just blunt.

    Edit: Feedback was only about Conquest, haven't played it much in other modes.
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  • PBS-powerbits01
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    The maps seems very simple... More buildings, trenches and destructable enviroment is needed...
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