Sniping game mode

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I've been suggesting this for a while but the message still hasn't gotten through to dice it seems, if a mod could pass it along it would be cool.

So yeah a sniping only game mode would have 2 effects that are positive to the game (and bf series in general since i think it would be a mainstay mode that would actually get played).
1, snipers would enjoy this mode since it would play in their ideal conditions(long distance combat without being rushed by numerous infantry or vehicles).
2, sniper numbers would be reduced in regular objective based modes satisfying the ptfo crowd

So how would it play out?

Ideally you have 2 teams(sniper only) separated by distance, the area between the 2 teams would be a no-mans-land where trying to cross would have you gunned down by AI machine gun fire or artillery(random for a realistic effect).
The areas either side of no-mans-land where the snipers can hide/hunt would have plenty of cover so areas using city ruins would be best, although you could do similar using trees, cliffs, trenches, broken tanks and abandoned artillery.
The destruction in play areas are scripted(but still scripted to be random) so the game still gets some levolution type effect, buildings could be blown apart, craters could be made, tanks could be driven and then destroyed....all by 'AI troops'.
There could also be player triggered destruction by shooting explosive objects etc placed around the map.

Scoring is based on shot difficulty, distance for instance easily comes to mind, but you could also have fixed 'score' zones in maps where you could "thread the needle" and shoot through pipes and other difficult objects for more points.
The score zones don't have to be fixed either, moving score zones from flying debris during scripted levolution type events that take place could also occur, there's also the ricochet mechanic that could be added to steel rubble laying around the place to shoot around corners.

End game is decided by losing spawn locations and having the AI artillery and players work together...for instance after ten kills your teams AI takes out a front wall of a building(and associated spawns) ...allowing you more shots and the enemy less cover...which gets your team more kills allowing your AI to take out another building..etc etc.
Once enough buildings are destroyed and spawn locations are reduced to 0 then teams without spawn points get no more respawns and survivors get a "clutch" timer where they must kill 1 enemy every 30s or so to stop enemy artillery death(which is really a kill to avoid remaining people hiding forever).

So that's the sniping game mode, still feels like a battle, probably would feel like a much larger battle than anything so far in fact but would also be played a lot i imagine even if its just 1 map to gather community response.
Really though check your stats and just ask randoms if they like to snipe, pretty much everyone usually says yes.

It's also open for discussion if anyone has ideas, i feel that there really is something that could be made with this.


  • hawcer
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    Tell ya a little story.
    Back in the days of BF2, I was part of the {sn][per} Group. We ran our own sniper only servers and had tons of traffic. the only problems we ran into was EA giving us crap about being a sniper only server.

    We'd kick and eventually ban any player that didn't follow the rules of the server...they'd complain and EA would threaten to shut us down. it was a never ending cycle.

    So, EA has come along way since then, I guess. But I don't think you'll ever get anything close to what you want besides the Back to basics.
  • Matty101yttam
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    To bad man...pity about the bf2 thing, my experience in sniper only servers actually comes from farcry2 where map makers hosted their maps set up similar to what i said above and was the only regularly populated server after the multiplayer died.
  • Xivon89
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    Isn't that called conquest on Sinai desert?
  • hawcer
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    Xivon89 wrote: »
    Isn't that called conquest on Sinai desert?

    Nah...Sinai is no good. You need two distinct sides to the map. to do it everyone isn't just running rampant all over the map.

    Like Fao...and use the river as a center line, or Suez and use the C dune as the center line. Any map with kind of a 50/50 split works well....maps with a bunch of crap in the middle, not so well.

    Unless players prefer TDM type of play....but that's not as organized or "team" orientated.
  • IllIllIII
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    edited March 2017
    Didn't bother to read..
    Thats just a no for me.
    Awefull idea which will luckily never be implanted.
  • Matty101yttam
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    Yeah 50/50 split, once people cross the map you lose the sense of a battlefront.
    In farcry hackers also crossed the no-go zone and run rampant amongst people using single shot weapons.
  • PaintedFanatic
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    I wouldn't mind it. I don't usually care for snipers, due to how easy they are to use. However, if EVERYONE had snipers it may be good.
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