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Bullets having zero effect on enemy players. Xbox one

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So this has only happened to me twice the second time just having occurred. But there have been lobby's that I go into where everything is normal for the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game and then suddenly my bullets stop working. I've even ran up to an opponent with a full clip and unloaded the entire thing point blank with no effect. During this period my melee seems to work my explosives work everything but bullets. I'm not sure if I'm alone on it but it's a pretty big letdown when I'm enjoying my game right up until it stops working. Each lobby has been full with lots of aggressive playing so I don't know if that would have something to do with it. Regardless I thought you guys should know.


  • ARingdal
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    What's your ping when this happens? Playing on servers near your location/region? Checked your internet connection? :)
  • AresOtherworld
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    Mm good point. If it ever occurs again I'll check my ping and region. Thank you.
  • Gears_and_Beers1
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    It shouldn't matter what your ping and region is. I agree it should be noted and checked, but the answer is that it shouldn't matter. More people than you think can't get decent internet in the U.S. (and the rest of the world). So even when they have a somewhat decent connection (<100-150ms) and actually ARE playing in their own region, they get screwed by DICE's netcode policies and can't play the game they paid for. I'm not defending those who are trying to play with 700+ms latency, but <200ms is 10000000% playable. I average 50-120, and even I am screwed by this latest 'fix'. They say it's only harming those playing out of their region. I live in a medium sized college town in the center of the U.S. with over 100k people, and I'm paying through the teeth for the best internet I can possibly get, which is a WISP with a pathetic 2Mbps and a 30-150ms ping. Yet anyone who actually knows what they are talking about understands that is plenty to play an online game. And I only play in my own region. Yet, I am still being screwed.

    DICE, the answer isn't changing the netcode to favor/exclude different internet connections. If people are really complaining that much, they have every right to buy their own private server, and only allow their friends with stellar internet in them. That's the correct answer.

    If DICE/EA doesn't want to be fair to it's customers and they keep playing favorites, I will not buy their games anymore. Period.
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