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PTFO - What Does That Mean To You?



  • rock1obsta
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    V2Face wrote: »
    CoJoSto08 wrote: »
    Play The F'n Objective! Plain and simple! Assault is the "Bull in the China shop!" Support keeps your guns fed and assists with suppression cover. Recon spots targets " as much as possible "and should be right behind the medic taking enemies off the flag and the medic should be floating between the sniper and support ready to revive and heal and help the sniper clear the objectives! Practice, practice, practice with your team if you have friends that are regulars! If your just randomly gaming with strangers, good luck! I had three medics and two support guys within ten feet of me last night and couldn't get ammo or a revive. I must have asked ten times! The bad thing is most of them were rank 40 and up. You would think at least one of them got the memo

    Means necroing a post to explain a beat to death subject. Killing is just as important as playing the objective if you aren't doing them equally you are a determinant to the team.

    Not necessarily true.
    I've lost count how many times I've seen a medic at the top of the scoreboard with a 5-15 or 20-30 record.

    Reviving and keeping your guys healthy is more important imo.

    If you got a good medic or three, they can effectively negate the other teams kills, thus denying them a source of points.
  • ProLegion_exor
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    Do absolutely whatever needs to be done to win. Your primary objective is to win every match .

    I've played FPS games with this mentality ever since Killzone 2 in 2009. It's exhausting tp PTFO 100% of the time honestly....but I don't know how to turn it off.

    PTFO! #tryhard

    I've done it since 1997, tried to win every single round. But nowdays I play way more relaxed, most enemies are so bad anyway.
  • bleachee
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    PTFO means working toward victory in the most efficient manner possible.
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