Looking for a clan/squad (eu)to play

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edited August 2017
hi im looking for a serious clan/squad to play , im playing only conquest.


  • Mrs_Ragdoll
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    Hi, I think you are looking for a hardcore clan using mics/Teamspeak/Discord. But if I'm mistaken or think wrong... then take a time to read at my post please:


    I play BF1 everyday but I don't care about people's stats for joining our platoon. We play for fun mostly but ofcourse I would like to win as much games as possible and I play with a lot of teamwork even though I don't use a mic. I revive everyone I can, throw ammo and healthpacks all the time and I see when people need help and where. Take out tanks and behemoths when possible etc. I'm from the Netherlands btw. and also play Conquest 90% of the time.
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