Where is the Siege Howitzer?



  • ThePunisher_be
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    edited March 2017
    HE is already anti-vehicle. The other options are smoke and gas!

    (Some posters seem to have fired smoke shells at tanks...).
  • 12Bpejic
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    Sad to see it will reach the C objective from the hill but not with germans. It should only be fair since that is likely to most fought over flag. Howitzers would be awesome on FAO Fortress and the Monte grappa operations with some range reduction. I did see in the load screen it said the Italians and the Austrians lobbed shells over the mountains.
  • DivineBaal
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    Problem with this being stationary is that you will have a few players not playing the game but wait for the gun to become operational. Then I want to have teamkill option
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