Sask Militia

SSKM (or Sask Militia™) is currently initiating a recruitment drive for our X1 division (though have a large following on all platforms).

We are an international social gaming community with members all over the globe. We are a community for all mature gamers. We provide a social network with a mix of current gaming reviews, blogs, interviews, and news articles. Though we are large in number, we are a very close knit group in terms of community and support. Just some of the benefits of being a member with SSKM X1 Division include:
- Will have SSKM server in bf1 once released.
- Inter platoon squads for better cohesion with smaller groups, and inter platoon championships/seasons for added competition
- at LEAST one clan scrim/month open to all members
- Competitive play possible via our most competitive squad, the SSKM KINGS
-Currently Recuiting ALL MATURE PLAYERS
-Looking to start Hardcore more as a team but need more hardcore players.

-Looking for players who currently play Battlefield 1, battlefield 4, The Division, Hardline, Battlefront, GTA 5. currently most members play battlefield 1 & 4 but we are branching out to other games as well.

For a glimpse at what its like with Sask Militia, check out our latest Montage

Also take a few minutes to I browse our webpage at []

Also please apply/check out our battlelog.
*Please note that if Battlefield 1 doesn't implement a platoon page within the companion. SSKM will mainly use Discord for communication or use our current page though battlelog from Battlefield 4.

* Applicants must be over 18 years of age to join( Some exceptions may be made)
* Teamwork and communication are required.
*SSKM tags must be worn at all times or risk being removed from the main platoon.
*Mic preferred for communicating with squad mates.
* NO KDR restrictions or minimum skill level needed to join, we win because we help make a solid solider out of anyone.
*Discord messenger for cell phones (required) used for communication between squads in scrims or battles containing more than 10 SSKM members)
Or SSKM Lethal Discord #2070
Or SSKM Rytunes Discord #4164

* Head over to our website , create an account and introduce yourself. Intro post and at least one reply to any thread.

(Over 18's only, Forum Membership required to join Platoon. Rules and Conditions are limited, but do apply. See New Member Cheat Sheet ( [] for details )

Any questions feel free to message the following on XBL
- SSKM Lethal
- SSKM Rytunes43
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