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  • aRareMonster
    Here too, Violation (GAMEHACK) #81668, victim as well.

    Just like you, I do not appreciate the lack of mediation, arbitration or investigation in this matter.
    The lack of accountability and the general 'I cannot help you' attitude is nauseating.
    EA needs to dump Evenbalance if they can't get their crap straight.
    I have 2 licences - premium and deluxe - and they all went to crap because of this.
    Affected gamers neet to get together an EA.

    August 4
  • I just gave up with Bf4 and took it as a loss, then started playing Americas Army(PunkBuster) enabled  and it plays fine. Well that said i wanted to see what Bf3 was all about so i bought it from EA....downloaded it etc. through Origin, and with in seconds of entering a server I was Kicked by (PunkBuster) again with a Complete different Message: Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'Ajmacaho925' (for 1200 minutes) PBBans.com enforced a previous Cross Game MBi Ban for Ajmacaho925.{Admin Decision}

    I immediately got EA support on the phone for like the 10th time in the last 4 days and it looks like my EA account was Hi-jacked back in Aug, 2017. Just like i said.  I have never even played Bf3 before today But that being said When my account got Hi-Jacked, I ended up getting banned from Every Battlefield Game that uses the Anti-cheat Software PunkBuster. So I mentioned to support that i was in the process of  Personally walking into Electronic Arts HQ first thing on Monday considering i live 20 minutes away. And that i would be hand delivering a "Notice of Dispute" as required by EA in "The Terms of Sale" also known as the "Agreement". And within 5 minutes of waiting on hold we resolved it without Binding Arbitration. I was given a Brand New Bf4, Bf3, with all expansions for both games. Only downfall, I lost all my unlocks and progress not to mention i had to Create a New EA account. Thats the Only way i was going to be able to play any BF games with PunkBuster. 

    July 21
    • StarscreamUK
      pbbans is a thrid party like bf4db, you dont have a punkbuster ban on bf3, but they gave you one. Any server not using the pbbans plugin would allow you to play.
    • Ajmacaho925
      Its all over and done now. I had to create a New EA account as well as Origin Username... so i am making the switch "Ajmacaho925" is now "Rick Sanchez C-137" aka "CprlBen_Dover"
  • Andy89DK
    Hi there,

    I saw your post in the "Master Discussion Thread For BF4 Punkbuster Bans" thread and found it very interesting to say the least. Can you share more details? You can contact me on Twitter @andy89dk :-)

    Kind regards,
    July 15
    • Ajmacaho925
      i don't do twitter, sorry
    • Ajmacaho925
      But if you have any questions in general, fire away

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