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  • nicholsen
    the only reason I was saying for removal is that unlike other teamwork oriented fps the community seems to have this major hang-up about using k/d to stat bash people ie you suck it better cuss of my k/d which leads players into stat padding just to be able to ether counter being picked or to pick on others after getting said good k/d. TF2 tracks k/d but I don't care because I don't see people bullying others because of their k/d.
    November 2017
    • Astr0damus
      Right, I wasn't saying anything against your opinion, and I agree with your premise behind it (people shouldn't stat bash based on K/D). I'm just glad there is a forum rule against it, otherwise, it would be a much tougher battle.
    • nicholsen
      no, i don't think you were posting against me. in fact, i like most of the things you are saying. I just sent you this because i wanted to clarify. Personally I would love to have k/d being tracked the more stats that we can see the better we can actively judge a players ability. That said the way that a chunk of the community acts because of it is horrible.
    • CurvedTax769796
      At least you read and actually comprehended my comment unlike most that commented, thanks. Here's a better description of the scenario. Imagine 3 guys huddled around a trash can and an AT grenade is thrown into the trash can. Obviously there's no trash can but it gives you the idea of the 3's proximity to each other. Shrapnel from the grenade and from the completely destroyed structure should have caused damage but the biggest cause of damage would have been the shock wave from the blast itself as it would have pretty much liquified there internal organs. Maybe the game doesn't take that fact into consideration. I've never complained about others weapons just mine not doing what I would expect, like emptying a 20 round magazine from a BAR at 10-12 feet center mass, watching the rounds hit because his body is convulsing from impact and not getting a kill. Even today's body armor couldn't withstand that. Just doesn't make sense to me and I'd love to figure it out and hoping for reaction from the developers or moderators

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