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  • Abdullah89_kw
    Hello my brother, I am the owner of the name: Arab Sniper server and Server name: Arab Only .. in (ps4) my id: iLiKeKw .. general clan [LORD]

    The owner of a community name: Battlefield 1&V in ps4

    and the owner gurop name: BATTLEFIELD 1&V كروب اخبار وتجمع لاعبي وكلانات باتلفيلد
    in facebook , The group is specialized in Battlefield 1 and 5

    I wanted to
    Add the Fort Vu map on the server (Arab Sniper), and you notice a change to the server tag from Ireland to the Netherlands. Please help and I think the solution is simple. Just update the server.

    I encountered a problem when I want some recent settings the server writes to me, an error in setting up the application Invalid server name Please use another name
    What is the problem and what is the solution? To see my server is very old

    Also when the write values ​​finish playing Uncategorized!

    The server does not have a secret code but there is a lock tag!

    I hope you update the server .. I am sure you accept respect and greetings
    October 12
  • d3monkid12
    hey braddock I have been having some major issues with connecting to EA servers or maybe just battlefield servers. like right this minute in bf1 went to server browser looking for conquest north america slots 1-5, 6-10, any maps & default on everything else. it's only giving 11 servers. same thing for air assault except only 1 server. please help
    October 10
  • GrizzGolf
    How do I change my forum avatar?
    September 24
  • Nateoxide
    Kevin Angelo

    Thank you for patiently waiting. However I'm unable to locate any rental server on the account that you have provided, can you please double check the account details that you have provided and make sure that the rental servers are on the account.


    Mate you need to get this sorted.
    September 11
    • Nateoxide
      What a kick in the face.
    • Nateoxide
      Kevin Angelo
      I do apologize for that, however our tools is currently having issues and if you want you can contact us back later after a few hours once our system is working properly, and I will leave a note regarding to your rental server extension as posted on the game's official forum, because at the moment, your account information is not showing correct on our end and I can see your server details.
    • Braddock512
      If this is regarding the RSP extension on PC in Australia, as the Forum post states, please contact them AFTER the deployment of the in-game rewards.

    • Nateoxide
      sorry, the reason i tried to do it on the 12th OCE time is... i have already received the 7 ultimate battlepacks so i thought it was already deployed. i will wait till 9am utc to try again. still doesn't explain why they tried to tell me at first i don't own servers when my order history has over 1500 dollars worth of server transactions. thanks for finally coming thru tho. Nateoxide aka Aussie Gaming community owner.
    • Braddock512
      Hey Nate, I replied on the thread, but also wanted to post here. I just found out that our Support team's tool is having Blaze integration issues and submitted a critical email. I'll keep you posted.
    • Nateoxide
      ok thank you, i just tried to call EA aswell i am on the phone right now and they just told me the same thing. sorry about all this.
    • Braddock512
      So frustrated with this situation. I'm so sorry for the annoyance. I've escalated this to additional folks to triage and fix, including requesting an option to handle it on the backend - I'm sure there's not 100s of folks, so it shouldn't be that big of a lift (but I'm not an engineer, so I can't accurately gauge what would need to be done.) I'll keep on this.
    • Braddock512
      Hey Nate - you are 100% sure you have servers active? The tool magically started working, but I'm not seeing any granted servers.
      If you're not beholden to those particular servers, per se, shoot me a message with a screenshot of your purchase of the servers and I'll grant that many with 3 months on each.
    • Nateoxide
      sneding you a PM now
    • Nateoxide
      All done now, yeah i sorry for getting so frustrated :(.
    • Nateoxide
      Did you get my PM bud?
    • Braddock512
  • NZHoneyBadger
    Hi Braddock ,I have not received my Battle packs from Australian Battlefield 1 PC Connectivity Issues April – May, i have contacted EA help and talked with them on many occasions to try sort it out, and they say i should wait 24 hours and then it should be in my account but every time i check they are not there. Is there anything else i can do or talk to, because it is quite frustrating.
    My case numbers are:

    I can copy and paste some of the chats i have had if you would like.
    Thanks in advance
    September 19
  • bodhisattva2112
    Hi Braddock, I can't join my own server.
    I'm having trouble joining any east us servers. My friends are also having trouble joining my server.
    xbox 360, BF3, server name: bodhi's
    Been happening for over a week.
    Can you check it out please?
    September 18
  • TropicPoison
    I appreciate the reply to my post, I did like hearing your side with what goes on and everything so thanks.
    September 13
    • TropicPoison
      I am very torn about BFV though, because I'm not feeling a WW2 vibe like how I did with BF1 and it's WW1 theme, the tanks also almost feel like props at times and get annoying with the Haloesqe vehicle controls for driving, and many times in the beta dog fighting turned into who can stall quicker. I also thought crash landing was a thing from the reveal trailer? or is that campaign only.
  • RobertoMarcioC

    Please watch this video, it is in Portuguese plus somebody from @DICE to translate: I beg you
    This guy is a great influence youtube here in Brazil, he is also a friend of @dICEHOUSE

    https ://
    September 12
  • JinLu13
    You look like a white man. As a white man, i think it would be good if you be quiet and let other non white people post.
    September 10
    • Braddock512

      Not sure what my race has to do with anything, but I can tell you that it’s completely inappropriate to use that as an excuse to harass someone.

      I’m sure that report I’ve sent will clear things up for you.

      (And you don’t get to tell the Community Manager when they can talk.)
  • TMER7
    I want to comment on something in the game there is a long difference between death and waiting and spread the difference between them is possible 16 seconds and Battlefield 1 takes 8 seconds with a lot of 10 seconds spread if possible to reduce the seconds
    September 8
  • Slade-Adams
    Try to fix the problem when ppl ress you and after you're up you get the spawn screen and stuck at it. Only fix if you disconnect from the server.
    September 6
  • OneManArmy713
    Russian Axe puzzle piece??

    Is this item even in the battlepacks?? When i look at the "750+" possibilities , the axe puzzle isthe only puzzle that does not show up on the list, and i have easily opened up more than 400+ battlepacks

    Lvl 150
    September 4
  • softskiller2
    Hi, your "Battlefield V Open Beta Update Notes" are a good example of detailed communication with the community. I hope that stat sites like symthic with get as much data as possible.
    September 2
  • Hypnotic5493
    Will platoons be available at launch?
    August 23

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