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  • bodhisattva2112
    GOD is 666666 can not renew either of his 2 servers. His 2nd server expired last night. He has had servers for years.
    JoyRyder1984 can not get into renew his server. He has had a server for years
    cmbx can not get in to renew his server. He has had a server for years.
    I can not get to rent a server.

    plz look into this.
    August 11
  • bodhisattva2112
    Hi Braddock, A friend is having trouble getting into RENT A SERVER to re-rent his expired server. I renewed my server a couple weeks ago - no problem. He has no other issues - gameplay fine. I've tried to get into rent a server and xbox freezes too. Can you help?
    Any suggestions?
    August 9
    Últimamente veo que tanta variedad de armamento solo utilizan una pequeña cantidad de ellas
    Por lo que no le encuentro balance entre clases más que nada con las del último dlc las pusieron demasiado fáciles de usar por lo cual abusan de las mismas no tiene chiste que uno trate de usar todas las armas y sus variantes y hacer más balanceado el armamento
    August 6
  • JhOn_7u7r
    Hola... Queria decirle que cuando intento jugar battlefield 3 en el multijugador dice "error al conectar con los servidores EA online" me podría ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho GT: Hunterwar69
    July 29
  • fluffydrag0n
    Hello. I am having trouble unlocking the Syndicate Gun. It’s very hard to find people that would help me. If anyone can help me message me on Xbox One, Gamer tag iTz R Boyz. Thank you
    July 12
  • v1brate
    July 12
  • Watermelon_ARBUZ
    Hello Braddock512. My topic " en-us/discussion/145364/russian-servers-in-battlefield-v " was recently closed by the moderator xxxCoOlBr33zExxx without giving explicit reasons, but people continue to support this topic even after its closure. This is an important topic, because some Russian players are forced to play for snipers, because ping does not allow you to play for an engineer or support. Many bought and can not play because of high ping. More or less lucky for those who live closer to Europe, the rest are playing into a drunk Neo.
    The topic I created in the English-language forum, as the Russian-speaking forum is empty because of the frail servers BF1.
    And maybe you yourself can somehow help with this issue
    Open my topic, we really want that this topic was noticed by the developers and they corrected their fatal errors in relation to the Russian community.
    Sorry for my English.
    July 9
    pls code for battlefield5 iam veteran battlefield series my no code ths
    July 1
  • Chopp3r-Dropp3r
    hi how do we get a community mission to get the sagattaruis tag please help
    June 30
  • Pro4TLZZ
    hi can you fix battlelog live score
    June 24
  • alucardgr
    hi from greece...i dont know if you have any influence to the game but i really hope that there will be slams (VS-HCT mines) in BF V

    Thank you
    June 16

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