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North American Community Manager for the Battlefield franchise. Harley rider, coffee addict, multi-platform gamer. "Life's a game. I'm just trying to get to the next level."
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  • alucardgr
    hi from greece...i dont know if you have any influence to the game but i really hope that there will be slams (VS-HCT mines) in BF V

    Thank you
    June 16
  • iVvVi_K1NG
    Tides of War is a great concept. When it comes to WWII the European Theater often takes the most recognition. Having family members who fought in both the European and Pacific theaters, and having read several first hand accounts of each, I hope to see the Pacific take a more prominent role. Battles such as Tarawa, Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Saipan, and Tinian. Will the Pacific see a fair share of the action in Battlefield V?
    June 13
  • SlayingOra_046i
    Hi do you know when the beta early access going to happen or has it already happened for BF5
    June 11
  • Hypnotic5493
    Hey Braddock
    Will platoons be available at launch for BFV? or any other info is very much appreciated.
    June 10
  • ibuybest1080Ti
    hi,I am big fans of battlefield,i cant attend EA play myself because i am not in USA, i want to experience BFV, can u get me an alpha test qualification of BFV on PC ?i really want to play BFV as soon as possible,really appreciate it :)
    June 6
  • UltimateWeapon24
    Will you be bring stats back like battle log instead of the hated battle companion. And bring back quit percentage otherwise I will just keep quiting non stop after he slightest thing doesn't go my way since noone will ever no since you got rid of most of the stats.
    June 2
  • IxQuebecxO
    Good afternoon Braddock,
    I have several ideas, and suggestions of things I would like to see in Battlefield V, but there is one problem. I don't know how to get them heard. Where would I send my ideas other than posting them here on the forums. My other question is, is it even worth trying to get my ideas and suggestions out, would it even be looked over, or merely thrown in the recycling bin. Thank you, and have a good day.
    June 1
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Hello Braddock,
    My clan has a problem with 1 of the 3 servers we have rented, 3 weeks ago I made an event and had to put a password and change some settings, after the event when trying to return the default settings, there is an error saying that the server name is invalid and there is an error also when trying to change the map inside the server, see the video with the error that appears.
    May 30
    • Braddock512
      Please contact EA Help to investigate. Http://
  • ASalientKiller
    Good Day Braddock512,

    Firstly I play out of Papua New Guinea in the Oceania region. Before a week ago, I was unable to connect to any Australian servers (ping >180) and I would get a latency message. I am now able to connect (ping showing <100 weirdly) however every now and then the game starts to glitch. This usually happens around the time I get killed. The glitch is that I am able to ghost around the map and watch others play. I cannot harm other players when I am in this state. I can follow them around though. After a few minutes, I am either taken to the respawn screen or the game backtracks me to where it first began to glitch. The kill log on the top right then catches up by spamming messages.

    Usually I would blame my unreliable ISP, however, I do not think they are the cause of this glitch. My reasoning being that I am able to connect to Asian servers (have higher ping >250) but do not experience this glitching just the usual lag.

    I hope this helps you diagnose the ongoing issues.
    May 22
  • A_StuPid_HobBit
    Hello guys, I play a lot of times on official server...and last time, i saw 2 servers, from the same community, who is able to ban players from their server...but not ranked server, official server!!! so, it's not possible?? or they have hacked official server rules!!!! it's against EA rules? thank you
    May 20
  • fbsketcher
    Hello Braddock,

    BF4 is the only game I play, unfortunately I have not been able to get online for a while. do you know of any plans by EA to continue on with or upgrade BF4? With BF1 they already have an old war era game , now they are adding BfV which seems much like the same thing. I hope that they will continue the best version of the franchise and hopefully find the time to expand it for their dedicated followers as well.

    Harley enthusiast and airbrusher. Beer addict.
    May 17
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Hello Braddock

    Do you have any idea when you will get an update to fix the server password error? After the last update, when we put a password on the server, no player can enter then the invalid password.

    I'm not waiting for position
    May 3
    • Braddock512
      Have you tried contacting EA Help?
    • ll_NuMber_One
      I did not try to talk to EAhelp, but I know that this problem is happening after the last update, and it's not only on my server, as soon as we put the password, no one can enter it, not even the admin.

      Thanks for the attention, if you can forward to someone responsalve I will be very grateful.

      I'll send something to Ea help too.

      Thank you
  • gacjezv
    Thanks for your update just now, PS4 servers are 100% unavailable in AUS . have been all day.
    Are you aware of this and do you jnow what the issue is for them being 100% unavailable?

    Cheers in advance,
    May 4
  • d0ugl4ss
    Hi Braddock. Hope you are well.

    I just would like to know if possible if the team is aware of the password issues on private servers? We paid for a server that we cant use, the password just wont let anyone in and i am aware its a global issue, very frustrating, its happening since the last update.

    May 3
  • Phybzz
    Hey mate, I just read the post you made on the server connectivity issues being experienced by AUS / NZ players. Do you also know that people are unable to respawn ingame as well as constant disconnecting?

    I know you can't give exact dates on how long it will take you guys to fix these issues but can I ask if you guys will be able to fix them?

    Thanks for your time.
    May 2
  • cooper83pvfc
    Hi can you help? I've got an issue that doesn't look like it's ever going to be resolved ? I've been hoping with every update my corporal achievement unlocks but nothing are you aware of the fact the premium xp unlocking glitches achievements ie corporal reach level 10 I'm currently level 71 and only need this to completely 100% complete the game!
    April 27
  • kako1120
    New update - once a match ends the game will not load the next map on PS4.
    April 26
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Hello Braddock

    after the last update, when the admins of servers put password no player can enter, before it worked, we are in the middle of a tournament and we had to stop until this problem is solved of the password of the services.

    Remembering that there was a problem that did not show the deletion record in the center of the screen when the server was password, if possible to correct this error too.

    Thank you for your dear friend's attention.
    April 26
    • promailson
      Hello Braddock

      We are also having the problem reported by ll_NuMber_One. Impossible to make confrontations without a password. And this bug a few times does not show the deletion on servers with password is very annoying. If you're on horseback for example, you have to keep track of the takedown log to make sure you've killed the enemy.

      It would be great if you fixed these two bugs.

      Kind regards.
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Hello Braddock,

    First of all I want to thank you for your attention on previous issues and I come again to help the community and the game battlefield 1.

    We are a group of 26 clan leaders where each clan has in average 50 members, through much discussion between us, we saw the need for some changes and adjustments of bugs that see damaging the game, we are old players of the franchise Battlefield and by accompanying, we play daily to see what is actually harming the game, we decided to bring some requests to improve it.

    * List of bugs and changes

    * When trying to jump walls or obstacles the doll lowers

    * Adms when customizing the server it stops appearing for everyone in the server list

    * By placing a password on the server the players can not enter harming any event we try to organize

    * It is often happening an invisible player kills you and appears only after

    * Server with password does not appear delete record in the center of the screen

    * To facilitate the side change of players could be through a score of points as it was in the bf3.

    * Players in vip lists do not kick players inside the server to have preference, vip list could have queue preference and not kick out player already inside the server.

    Thank you for your attention and understanding.


    1. [oNiX] oNiX-Venum
    2. [MiRA] coyotebruno
    3. [TAKES] delsantos39
    4. [BLOODSHOT] mateusrfly
    5. [HUNT] morebrosbf
    6. [HAWK] xeroxholmes
    7. [TJ] ll_NuMbeR_One
    8. [DD] JoaoVitorMS8864
    9. [PM] bytebraun
    10. [No1z] ziketta-072
    11. [AM] fabriciocsc2003
    12. [saddles] Fernandoassasino
    14. [BST] Cap_caverna666
    15. [CTAP] douguixavier
    16. [ALL] Freeforever007
    17. [ORDE] jupiiroca
    18. [NQM] felipecotcho
    19. [PIUI] Zinguilim
    20. [TAA] Boblongo
    21. [FOD4] Kassiokfo
    22. [MDD] FelipeNetto7
    23. [SGC] b_scotton
    24. [VGB] Douglasfer22
    25- [MDG] andrewkrs
    26. [FSD] Omatador342
    April 25
  • JUSU1979

    newest update. My game crash after every round end,( End screen about 30-40s time)

    You know this issua? and when we get some repair it? So many player have this issue.
    I allready try DX12 and DX11. No effect change DX, but After update DX12 not works enymore.( fps jumping 30 -60 )

    I have CPU 6600k + 1080Ti Poseidon, water cooled. ( Long time playe temp 55c (Over 2h play)

    We get some fps repair?

    Juhani (JUSU1979)

    We will be VERY happy to hear more info about the upcoming game and new updates.

    You can post those too on our clan website http: // or Discord https: //

    And welcome playe our BF1 SERVER :) --> UP-Community BF1 server: mapvote, all maps + all DLC + Premium
    April 25

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