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  • Legacyslayer19
    Hey Braddock512, I have been trying to find a way to contact the Battlefield 4, and Hardline teams to get permissions to use your amazing models in a popular, free and non-profit mod for Fallout 4 called Modern Firearms. There are dozens of mods using the assets but we would like to ask permission first. Is there anyway you could point me in the right direction?
    February 17
    • Braddock512
      PM me an email address where we can reach out to you.
    • Legacyslayer19
      I sent you an Email to your EA email since I couldn't find a way to PM on here. Hope that was ok
  • TigerAce890
    Will we ever see character customization in BF1? For example changing gloves, suits (maybe from 1915 - 14 to 1918), helmets (standard, damaged in battle, caps, spiked helmet ecc.) and faces? So we can change ethnicity, or put a dirty version of the standard ones.
    February 16
  • gateway327
    Hey Braddock512 Can I please get some feed back from my other posts I set to please?
    February 14
  • m1k3ol
    Hey Jeff, looks like I can't access the group platform again, left a thread on the mod section...
    February 13
  • MrColby
    Need some one from DICE to join or look in to my server "Norwegian Pals Platoon" on PS4. It started with just me on the server, counting points when waiting for other players. Hell no if I leave this moment in Valhall. Big big bug
    February 10
    • MrColby
      Ok. You got a problem that needs a fix asap. If I activate the Disable Pre-Round on my server. I can play the "game" and score without any player present.
  • Mo0098
    I just bought betrayal dlc for my hardline on ps4 but i can not find active maps to unlock guns!why they dont open guns at first moment when there are not maps to unlock!so no body answers me
    February 9
  • Pamela_hot_girl
    Can you explain me why you closed thread about cheating? No point to close only one thread in this forum when we players can make complain..

    Besides I don't care what your team is doing.. I can see cheaters every day and 2 months ago i even quit playing this game.. You have most incompetent anti cheat team i ever seen.. You will never beat cheaters with this team...

    Alao Working for EA doesn't give you right to shut off peoples complaining about BF games and only topic that we have.. I pay for this game and i want to be able to play it and make complaints but obviously you don't have respect cor us players.. Shame on you..
    February 7
    • Braddock512
      Thanks for your feedback. No, I don't need to explain why the thread was closed again, as I explained in my post. You can keep insults to yourself or you will find yourself removed from this community - full stop. This isn't a request or a threat - this is a fact. And being the Community Manager DOES entitle me to close threads that turn into non-stop attacks against the devs, other players, false claims, inaccurate assumptions. As I stated in my post, if you haven't read it - we gathered relevant and good feedback regarding cheating (and I guarantee you, it wasn't the lionshare of those 300+ pages of posts) and have shared that with our devs.

      RE: Respect to the players. I absolutely respect the Battlefield community, but in your OWN WORDS you insulted the dev team and anti-cheat team. Not really sure you understand what respect means, but insults aren't part of it. Over 1000 times since BF3 Battlelog I have stated that "constructive feedback and constructive criticism" is always welcome - positive or negative. However, insults have no place in a constructive discussion.

      I'd recommend you review how you post and ensure it follows the forum rules and EA TOS to avoid further infractions in the future.
  • Hypnotic5493
    Hey Braddock.
    Any chance we can see a shotgun buff? I feel they are still very under powered
    February 5
  • Mtnsh2011
    Hello, the assignment phantom operative bf4 don't unlock because bug in battlelog we need update, I am an experienced player to complete battlefield bad company battlefield 3 battlefield 4 Battlefield hardline battlefield 1, I hope you fix bug.
    January 28
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Hello, our clan makes clashes against other clans, we try to train with clan players on the same team, but this is impossible because whenever the map changes teams merge again, we as the server administrator would have the option to enable and disable team balancing as happened in bf3, this will help when we organize clashes against other clans and in our training. I play from bf3 and I always ruined servers and as I request this function, other clans I know and also the servers complain. much for not having this option on the server for us
    January 26
    • Braddock512
      Definitely something we're looking at for future updates, including adding more functionality for RSP and mid-round balancers. We'll be talking about that more in a bit.
    • ll_NuMber_One
      thanks for your attention, have the option to enable and disable the balance of teams and put a voip team option to talk to the whole team is very important when making clan vs. clan clashes. Thanks again
  • Nemecta90
    Could You please update the medal tracking system and exchange skin system?

    After more than 1 year from the release date should be fine if players have free choice which medal they would like to track and how they want to spent scraps because:
    1. Some players still do not have unlocked vanilla medals but they are playing from the beginning.
    2. Some players have already unlocked weekly exchange skins but they also want to unlock other skins, so it would be great
    if we have an option to exchange scraps for other skins and not just for 3 skins in the exchange menu.

    Thank you in advance
    January 22
  • Mtnsh2011
    The battlelog need update because assignment phantom operative don't unlock
    January 16
  • Hexfurion
    VIP does not work!And much more. No more information from dice
    January 16
  • Hexfurion
    Hi.What is with the RSP Features`?
    January 16
  • trig0tron

    Could you update the Game Requirement's notation for recommended Hard Drive space needed..?
    It currently says 10GB.

    But I feel that is somewhat misguided, as I think those minimum recommendations should include all free content, downloaded. Which is somewhere around 28GB. (Almost 3x the minimum recommended.)

    Coincidentally, My Battlefield 1 folder currently takes up 89GB. (I understand I have premium and DLC, etc.)

    January 16
    • Braddock512
      Good catch. I'll forward this to our web team. Thanks.
  • V3nom462
    Hey Braddock, who do I go to to report in-game harassment?
    January 14
  • Hypnotic5493
    What section of the forum will you post the release of the January update?
    January 13
  • kennygardy
    Can you guys start promoting hardcore domination again? I can never find people playing it. Even when I use a filter.
    January 13
    hello i have problem that when i enter the game to see my states like my rank is 102 in game but in the menu is 0
    January 13
  • ZaZtupidDude
    After the January 10 Update, I cannot load my game on my Xbox One. Please Help
    January 12
    • ZaZtupidDude
      Can't load online.
    • Braddock512
      Try hitting up EA Help at for technical assistance.
  • TheOnePaleHorse
    Any date on when the next 2 maps will be out?
    January 10
    • Braddock512
      This month. We haven't announced the date publicly, yet, but we're currently working on the update notes. Hang tight.
    • TheOnePaleHorse
      Thank you sir.
  • kaprikeller

    hello braddock512, know that they still do not fix the problem of emblems and graffiti in hardline
    January 10
  • Cuti_Simmone
    BF1 PC

    Normal core:
    1 shot sniper Class needs to be reduced to 90%
    Medic sniper guns strengthened to 2 shot sniper kills in normal core instead of 3-4 shot
    Tanks & Shotguns need to be reduced

    Server country not listing correctly
    Clan representation not working
    Maps spawn with no gun or crosshair
    VIP list not working, Premium priority not working

    Hard Core:
    1 shot sniper class needs to be reduced to 90%, without effecting medic sniper guns at 2 shot sniper kills.

    Server country not listing correctly
    Clan representation not working
    VIP list not working, Premium priority not working

    cheers Simmi
    January 10
  • MadaGoinaPS4
    Hello Braddock! Any chances to save battlefield Hardline community and dlc's servers? (Ps4 platform) Any chances to see again some live events in Hardline?
    Thank You and Greetings .
    January 4
  • GUNNY1966
    I've got a few questions & can't seem to find any answers so I thought maybe you could help! I've posted several different things on the forums & they have been removed after I have edited them & I'd like to know why? Most recently I posted a TeamSpeak3 [GUIDE] & after I edited it it now is nowhere to be found. The members of my gaming community have asked me & I have no answer to give them. If I did something wrong I'd at least like to know what it is so I don't make the infraction again only to find out I wasted my time. I've been very active in the BF4 forums since the release mostly in attempting to help others thru various topics ect. ect.. Any response is better than no response. Thank You Very Much, GUNNY
    January 2
    • EA_Alexander

      Your guide should be visible now. Some posts might be flagged as spam if you use excessive formatting i.e repeating "?" in your bullet points, overuse of "ALL CAPS" text etc. Please check our rules to find out more:
  • tingotango
    I am still capturing/taken dog tags and then when I follow or check it up it says not taken yet.Can you please tell me why and is this going to be a permanent thing.Then I won't bother in trying to get all the tags possible.I have captured at least 7 dog tags I previously did not have and there is no documentation of ever doing so.
    Thanks Mario/xenocider XIII.
    January 1
  • Fantasy20
    Battlefield 1 feedback

    Please make all class has parachute

    when you enter the vehicel so slow compare to previous BF series i know it's more realistic but i was tried to drive a tank and someone shot me first than he destroyed my tank

    Make my choice class when i raid a hourse or plane that i can hold enter to pick them replace to my class not auto change my clase

    Please make this features in the new Update for BF1
    December 2017
  • tingotango
    Hi Braddock.Last few days I have taken a few pretty hard to get dog tags in BF4 [BGR,PNG,MOZ among others],but when I check in my XBOX and battle log stats it says not taken yet.Its very discouraging since these are hard achievements with no credit documentation.Is this a new problem and why? Thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS
    December 2017
  • Hypnotic5493
    Can you please bring back aim assist? Do you think this will ever happen? Please respond aswell. Have a merry Christmas too
    December 2017

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