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  • fragnstein
    Hello sir. I believe the spotting scope on the vehicles have become less effective and are not spotting like before the patch. I can E spot an enemy with a red ping before the spot scope works. The range is what seems to have been tweeked. Is this intended?
  • ABagOfAnuses
    Bf series is dead now, thanks to 
    OP planes, tank and arty trucks camping and sniping, every game.
    Same every game, conquest is game mode, but
    no one caps flags because they are easy targets for snipers, arty trucks and
    basically the game was pretty balanced, now
    any level one guy gets a smg08 with armour,
    and has a fast rate of fire with hundreds of bullets.
    much like a casual fps shooter
    and bfv, wasted opportunity.
    bfv is a camping, only way to get easy prone lmg kills.
    and players call themselves great gamers lol. 

    I bet you don't play pc version.
    It has no aim assist, or aimbot to help.

    June 6
    • Braddock512
      I actually play PC more than any other platform, but that's really irrelevant, unless you were using that as some weak attempt to insult me.
      If so, walk on.
    • mencey1995
      Bring BACK RUSH for the consoles. PS4,XBOX. Thanks. Thanks for bringing the faction of US and Japan. i guess you guys heard my voice. Now that we going to have the US and the Japanese team in Battlefield, i guess we can have D-Day 1944. Omaha Beach. it would be awesome if we have a city like Map like Rotterdam but bigger. It could be in Berlin or France. thanks for listening and i hope the game keeps improving
  • mencey1995
    Bring BACK RUSH for the consoles. PS4,XBOX. Thanks. Thanks for bringing the faction of US and Japan. i guess you guys heard my voice.  Now that we going to have the US and the Japanese team in Battlefield, i guess we can have D-Day 1944. Omaha Beach. it would be awesome if we have a city like Map like Rotterdam but bigger. It could be in Berlin or France. 
    June 25
  • Biff89Mcl
    Hi mate, when does the weekly rotation change on bf1?
    June 24
  • alfPawer
    Hola me gustaria unirme a algun grupo para entender un poco el mundo bf3 porfavor
    June 22
  • Ghaborszky
    Hi Braddock!

    First of all, i love bad company 2, battlefield 1 and battlefield V firestorm, so u doing guys great games.

    But pls answer me. Yes, guess u fed up with this topic, but i must asking u.
    U said u working anti-cheat and zero tolerance etc.
    but here is my quastion.
    if u working on it, and u have anti-cheat team and software why not baning that palyers who cheating all the time.
    I will not link their profiles from battlefieldtracker cause its not allowed here (btw i dont understand why not), but example they still playing firestorm solo and if u check their stat or spectate them ingame, they have 100%!!!! headshot kills and no ban? sorry but i cant believe that (and ofc i saw all of them with my own eyes in spectating mode) he has 6000 kill in firestorm with 6000 headshots and in normal game 19 000 kill with 18998 headshots...
    and they playing firestorm every day with wallhack and aimbot and nothing happens.
    rly dont understand where is your anti-cheat team and software? same cheaters day by day since march and now its june... just run a statistic on your servers or battlefieldtracker and ban all players who have 70-80-90-100% headshots. thats all, not a big deal.

    Pls save Firestorm solo :)  Pls make hardware ban here too like in apex legends

    If u want i can link their battlefieldtracker profiles and spectating youtube videos in private message.

    Thank you
    June 20
  • Fatdongcorgi
    Hi braddock, I'm on ps4 bf5 and i can't unlock the bren gun since i reached support level 8, so can u provide any help?
    June 19
  • ReggaeJM
    Hi, when you're online? I need your help ASAP. Thank you.
    June 16
  • ludochatgame
    "Life's a game. I'm just trying to get to the next level"
    So true but what about Pros who are sitting on the top level for ages?


    June 14
  • Shervil413
    Today is the 6/12/2019 so we have Weekly Community Highlight. I am sending you a video with my proposition. Turn the volume down if you can because it's really loud.
    June 12
    please get rid of the cheaters

    June 9
  • ForbidRhyme
    Hey Braddock512 - Please check out my discussion I've started on communication and mic use.  I think its pretty solid and will make a lot of people happy.  I would love the input as well.

    It's called Mic and Communication Idea, I haven't been around long enough to post links :neutral:

    June 9
    Can you please explain what BF is doing for anti cheat?  We see the same cheaters over and over and we report them and they just keep coming back?  We see lots of resources going into apex anti cheat what about us?
    June 6
  • Ceph_v74

    I cant find the Excavation Site on the interactive map.

    May 23
  • simoxx75
    Hi... Sorry but is impossible play in Firestorm with my friend... We are two players and don't find the match in squad mode..... Don't find server..... Don't find server..Don't find server..Don't find server..... You know?
    May 13
  • ll_NuMber_One
    Good Morning,

    When will we have servers for rent in Battlefield v?
    May 7
    • IIPrest0nII
  • MadaGoinaPS4
    Hello Braddock, a quick question : Can we have all dlc maps for free in Battlefield Hardline? I really think this will revive the game and also think a lot of us deserve this thanks to our loyality. I am a battlefield veteran player,own all bf games,but Hardline is my favourite.I’m gonna ask you if possible to do at leasta poll about it,only to see.Thank you for your time. Have a good day sir :)
    From Europe with love
    May 4
  • bigsurf74
    Sorry  Fortnite for those who complain  about spelling 

    May 3
  • bigsurf74
    Got a great idea how about we fight the Japanese!After all they were a part of W.W.2.Lets not forget they actually attacked us not including Pearl Harbor.But also bombing of west coast with weather balloons.Plus would give a chance for new maps, planes, vehicles such as the sub that could carry planes invented towards the end of W.W.2. If you look though history docs. you will find all kinds ideas.Plus need to adjust melee dog tag fight should not be so difficult especially if i hit you with a heavy weapon. After all dog tagging is a huge part of game for us who like to collect them .The B.F.4 melee set up was great with the counters.Stop trying to be like fortnight and just make a good fighting game!!!!
    May 3
  • rub17
    I've all ready contacted EA about this, this is unacceptable and very dangerous to us all and insult to my religious belief I told EA I would give them a week to resolve this and again I wanted to come too you all first, but I'm not having to much confidence in this will be resolve and will  be taken out of this game right away. Please understand the game itself is amazing and by far the best WW2 game but Braddock this is very serious and cannot be ignored and must be address before I take legal action and I'm already talking to Christian media's and churches that will help bring and awareness to this very serious sin and harmful to me and others. Understand this insult against the (Holy Ghost) that sometime brings instant judgement on a person in different form please understand this is a hidden danger to us all and I'm making you aware of this before I go public to make this serious compliant to give you all a chance to remove this please Mr. Braddock its not worth it. Again the Battlefield V itself is a great and amazing game but this must be dealt with, with all do respect please contact me some how to make sure this is done Mr. Braddock I'm making every effort so this can be easily resolve and know that this is done thank you again for your time. 
    April 24
    • Braddock512
      What are you talking about?
    • gacjezv
      Hi Braddock - can someone from your organisation please provide some comms around these issues with firestorm matchmaking? I am from OZ and cant find a game with the exception of a few rare occasions. The most frustrating part is there is no communication from you guys. If you tell us what the issues are and what your timelines are you'd get a very engaged community I think. We want to be a part of this great game and experience, but with out any communication I feel it is pushing the community away. Thanks in advance - Grant
    • Collision_TN

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