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North American Community Manager for the Battlefield franchise. Harley rider, coffee addict, multi-platform gamer. "Life's a game. I'm just trying to get to the next level."
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  • EsP-N3XUS
    Any News on RSP?
  • Arashenstein
    Hi please fix the servers for BF4 on PC, it is showing fake amount of player and BF4 is basically killed by ths on PC :( I cannot play the game anymore. Every server is empty
    November 26
  • Polishamer2879
    Dear Braddock512

    I appreciate you and your staff for making such an impressive genre of Battlefield games over the years :)

    I have just purchased Battlefield 5 and I am pretty happy with the game and gameplay already. My only question about the game is where is the involvement of Poland? They were a big part of the Second World War. That is where it all started, it would be fascinating if you and your team could add the Warsaw uprising in one of your future game updates. It would be nice to see a campaign add on where Polish involvement in the Second World War is included. A multiplayer map would be nice to see in one of the future expansions of the game as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Best Regards

    November 21
  • kaduzitos
    Hello. First of all I ask you to post here the problem that has been happening to me. since the launch of battlefield v and I have had problems playing. I usually play the first match, and in the screen exchange the game hangs in the loading and does not pass to the next screen. I'd like your help on that. since I can not play two straight games. this occurs in all matches.
    November 19
    • Braddock512
      Please check the Known Issues thread in the Battlefield V section as this is something the team is aware of and working to address.
  • harscombat
    hello i love battlefield v but i have to esk will you do somthing about all guns sounds it feel not battlefield no more the sound of these guns feel like i shooting bbgub whare is the bass boosted en realistic sound of all guns it break my heart

    every battlefield thets made by dice is amazing
    every guns pistol feel like your holding a real gun
    i like thet the most but in battlefield V the guns feel like not realistic no more becuase of the bbgun sounds

    pls fix thet maby some new squad leader streaks

    like missle antiliry or straffing gun support??

    fix the gunssound pls make tge game more alive
    November 15
    • harscombat
      respond as soon as you cant so my heart can breath :(
  • GodIsAlive77
    Hello. I was wondering if dice will be letting people get battlefield 4 premium for free like battlefield 1? I have premium for 1 and 5 waiting for the launch. Would like to see battlefield premium be offered for free as well please. Thank you for your time.
    October 29
  • Abdullah89_kw
    Hello my brother, I am the owner of the name: Arab Sniper server and Server name: Arab Only .. in (ps4) my id: iLiKeKw .. general clan [LORD]

    The owner of a community name: Battlefield 1&V in ps4

    and the owner gurop name: BATTLEFIELD 1&V كروب اخبار وتجمع لاعبي وكلانات باتلفيلد
    in facebook , The group is specialized in Battlefield 1 and 5

    I wanted to
    Add the Fort Vu map on the server (Arab Sniper), and you notice a change to the server tag from Ireland to the Netherlands. Please help and I think the solution is simple. Just update the server.

    I encountered a problem when I want some recent settings the server writes to me, an error in setting up the application Invalid server name Please use another name
    What is the problem and what is the solution? To see my server is very old

    Also when the write values ​​finish playing Uncategorized!

    The server does not have a secret code but there is a lock tag!

    I hope you update the server .. I am sure you accept respect and greetings
    October 12

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