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  • GetAwayFromFord
    HI Cedar...Sorry for bothering but i have error code 1 trying to join your HC server on bf1 (you know, the conquest 200% damage...)...anyway is a while i don't play, but i was told that this error appears to banned players...If you can clarify me this situation, i'll really appreciate that. Thanks in advance.
    December 3
  • Vahermets
    Lots of people seem to get banned for no reason... sad
    November 25
  • Tony_Vaquer
    Hello Cedar, how are you?

    I trying to enter the server 200% bullet damage and i have the error 1.

    I think someone ban me.

    Can you remove the ban plz ?
    November 23
  • Los_K_LTAdentro
    I have been "exclude" form the server 200%. I don´t know why. I hope you can do something about it. Thanks.
    November 19
  • Testid01765
    Hello CedarOfLebanon , i have been playing on your server for months now and one of your admins /Clan memebers Kicked/Banned me from server for no reason , he kept mouthing of in chat to me and spelled my name right so icorrected him on my name spelling and he kicked me. Am i not allowed to talk in chat without having Tallguy take offence ? i never swore or said anything rude or mean . If your admins are allowed to mouth people then boot them to power trip that  doesnt seem like a healthy gaming enviroment for anyone and it makes your clan look bad. i enjoy playing on your servers, well i did until abuse of power came into play but anyways figured id let you know.
    November 14
    • PWNRabidChasebot
      I was also banned on the server. Haven't played in months, joined the server, got 5 kills and 2 deaths and was banned for "offensive behavior". I wasn't even in the game 5mins and never said anything in chat. Sucks because it's one of the only servers left in NA on PC that has anyone playing anymore.

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