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  • AlphaMamba
    Your moderator StarscreamUK closed my post because I was responding to his friend GRIZZ11283
    With a quote because I didn’t want to argue, and you didn’t help me with my request, and thats why I made the post so you can help me, but you made it clear now to me that the support are not on the consumer side, I have spent Hundreds and hundreds of pounds on EA games I bought every single one of them withall it’s bundles and extras for pc and ps4 for my self and my 25 nephews, And I promise this is the last game I will ever have or recommend from EA.
    March 28
  • VicRockefeller
    Excuse me?
    March 15
  • starwarsgamer999
    I own premium version of BFH and I am still missing multiple premium battlepack emblem shapes and other shapes eventhough I am max rank etc etc and have not got a single emblem shape from battlepacks in ages. Can EA support give me my missing emblem shapes?
    February 27
  • gajr
    I recently updated the battlefield 1, with the lasted dlc on ps4 and it's telling me I lost 164 hrs worth of progress. So everyone starts over?
    February 20
    • EA_Alexander
      Your Soldier was reset to level 1?

      Anyways, your best bet is to do:
      a) Basic troubleshooting: powercycle you PS4 system, re-install Battlefield 1, make sure you're internet connection is stable.
      b) If nothing helps, reach out to our customer support team via https://help.ea.com/en/

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