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  • Proffa69

    I have encounterd with all sorts of other problems.
    Like missing weapons, unlocks, visuals, allmost all of my skin collection and i do have load of them.
    Allso missing the whole visuals tab in main weapon customize.
    Summed: All unlocked things by playing objectives / from battlepacks / service assingnements are now locked again.
    This gets worse by the minute. Now just was playing few rounds. And in the start perks worked. But few rounds later stopped working.
    Am i the first with this prob? A have not got any replies on my problems in this forum.
    Is this problem linked with the problems with cloud save figure?
    Pls reply. 1500+ hrs or collecting going down the toilet or am i getting this problem resolved?

    July 13
    • Proffa69
      Oh. This problem started 11.7. And every day going worse... =(
    • EA_Alexander
      Please check your private messages.
  • WWE-_45654
    @EA_Alexander I wondering if you could reward me with the Conflict easter egg dog tag I was finished with the task to complete but two players came In the empty lobby and screwed the tile puzzle up before smoke rised
    July 12
  • AiRJacobs

    Baiting is not permitted on our forums.

    I'm closing this down, since community extensively discussed the topic here:

    TL;DR: Customization is not going away from BFV." - EA_Alexander

    I'm so sorry, I had no idea that this was such a widespread issue, so much that an entire thread was dedicated to it.
    June 28
  • alucardgr
    hi from greece...i dont know if you have any influence to the game but i really hope that there will be slams (VS-HCT mines) in BF V

    Thank you
    June 16
    • EA_Alexander
      SLAM and VS-HCT mines appeared in 70s and 90s respectively. Considering the title is set in WW2 it's not possible to implement these exact types in-game.
    • RealAnimeGrill
      There also weren't any disabled women fighting in the war, yet we will see them in the game.

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