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  • TheOnePaleHorse
    Will the 2nd part of turning tides hit this month?
    January 19
    • EA_Alexander
      Yes, second part of the Turning Tides expansion will be releasing this month.
  • mrbtuts
    Hi Alexander,

    I registered to the forum to ask few questions but I am unable to reply/create a new thread. Can you please help?
    January 17
    • EA_Alexander

      To be able to post, you need to have a BF game on your Origin account and you'll need to use the same account to login to the Battlefield forums. Otherwise you will be restricted to only reading the forum.

  • RetroGMR083
    I'm a paying customer and when someone that clearly works for you gives me the run around I'll speak my mind. How about fixing your game instead of telling me what to not say.
    January 15
    • EA_Alexander
      You will still need to follow our community rules to participate, as outlined in my pm. Otherwise, further profanity or insults will result in a ban.
  • RetroGMR083
    VBALL_MVP has a history of being condescending and insulted me. I buy a game, I have a right to demand 100% satisfaction. I won't be bullied.
    January 15
  • TuskHawg
    Pyrotechnician: It appears that if you destroy a vehicle with an AT Grenade, you do not receive damage points toward the goal of 1000. Can you please confirm if correct or not?
    January 8
  • Hypnotic5493
    Hey do you think aim assist may come back? Maybe a middle ground?
    January 2
  • CLAKK420
    Putting this out there hopefully Dice or EA sees it. My name is Clakkisback. I've been in contact with help support several times about this matter. And was told that a specialist would contact me via email and that's how we would take care of the case. But that wasn't the case I was contacted by The Specialist via email stating that I needed to contact them via Live support or my issue would not get fixed. And not to contact them back by via email. Then I contact life support which told me that I should never have been directed back to them regarding this issue. So to get to my issue. I am missing a second Lieutenant frontside dog tag. I had reached rank 51 after purchasing the premium pass. But never received the dog tag. But help support said that there's no way that they could fix it on their end. So for the wait they gave me 900 scraps after adding the scraps to my account now I have lost the progression towards my medals. I'm not wanting anything free I just went what I paid for in addition to that I didn't know purchasing the premium pass that I would be penalized and have these issues with the game. But if someone could or even cares enough to help that would be appreciated.

    Thank you
    December 2017
  • SD-GAMER16
    maybe he wanted to get more xp
    December 2017
  • Qu3b3cGoldTR
    WTF why change the gp what a lame move guys we’ve been playing since the beginning we used tu play à certain way and guys two maps are u guys serious that’s laughing at us guns sucks literally why
    December 2017

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