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  • EA_Cian changed their profile picture.
    February 16
  • EA_Cian changed their profile picture.
    February 9
  • SWCC9517
    It's funny how you guys close posts that negative to EA. That's the whole point of forums, for the good or bad.
    January 26
  • stiny1838
    can someone please verify my post
    January 23
  • EA_Cian changed their profile picture.
    January 16
  • DaHuntzMen
    Hello I been trying to find out why I can no longer make replies in topics while others can.
    December 2018
    • EA_Cian
      Sorry, I've been out and am only just seeing this. Can you send me a DM with more details and we can take a look?
  • bodholdt
    I contacted you d 6-12-2018 about my bfv game constantly hard crash so i need to reboot up to 7-10 times everytime i try to Play , because of my spelling in writen english like this tekst here ,i now Its far from perfect but I do my Best ,
    You Refused to answer

    I try again

    Hey cian
    Yes you got a point my english could be better .....i do my best when i write

    But why dont you answer any of my questions ?

    You litte idiot!!! i paid for a Battlefield 5 Its a downloaded software from psn,a deluxe edition every time i try to Play ,my PS 4 crashes or freeze ,so i must reboot it 7 times alone to Night.
    your support gave me some options to try fix it myself but nothing seems to help i just want to Play Battlefield
    but i need some answers what Can i do ?
    i just try to erased the game and re install it but nothing helps

    Can it be my downloadet bf software ?

    When the januar Update come Will it help ?
    Is there no one else with this kind of problem but me ?

    Please answer MY QUESTIONS
    December 2018
  • barnesalmighty2
    What is actually going on with rush? Dice promised before Christmas for a limited time only and now ignore every single question on the mode. What is going on?

    It gives the distinctive impression they lied to boost sales.
    December 2018
    • Z0rdak
      They are indeed a **** company dude

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